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C919 aircraft completed its first flight certification test
Thursday, 25 February 2021

The Shanghai Airworthiness Certification Centre of Civil Aviation of China successfully completed the first bureau-certified test flight of the C919 aircraft. The first flight test subject of the C919 aircraft was airspeed calibration flight test. C919 airplane 104 airplane on the same day 13 Shi 21 take-off points from Xi'an Yanliang Airport, after nearly two and a half hour flight, the plane completed all flight test mission as scheduled, C919 aircraft's first FAA certification flight test a complete success. This marks the official start of the bureau-approved flight test of the C919 , a medium-sized jet civil aircraft with independent intellectual property rights developed by China , and also indicates that the airworthiness certification of the C919 aircraft has entered a new stage. According to the C919 aircraft airworthiness certification plan, during the flight certification stage of the CAAC, the central flight test professional team will work with the applicant flight test team to conduct compliance with more than 430 flight test subjects including stall, natural icing, and crosswind flight tests for the C919 aircraft . Verification of the flight test to comprehensively inspect and judge the compliance of the aircraft design, and lay the foundation for the C919 aircraft to finally obtain the type certificate and put it into line operation. It is reported that with the completion of the "first flight" of the airworthiness certification of the C919 aircraft, the Shanghai Certification Centre will steadily carry out more intensive flight certification tasks in accordance with the certification plan, strengthen the certification flight test management in the airworthiness review link, and comprehensively verify the airworthiness compliance of the C919 aircraft better fulfills the safety supervision responsibilities of the Administration.

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