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Lobo Leasing and Orca Aerospace sign MOU to develop Orca eVTOL aircraft
Thursday, 30 September 2021

Lobo Leasing and Orca Aerospace have signed a memorandum of understanding. During the development program, Lobo will facilitate design discussions between Orca and future operators of the Orca eVTOL aircraft and will connect Orca with suitable investors. As the development program reaches maturity, Lobo will arrange acquisition financing for future Orca customers.

Bill Wolf, Lobo's CEO, commented "Lobo welcomes the opportunity to work closely with Orca in supporting the development of their eVTOL EMS-focused aircraft. The Orca team has a huge depth of technical experience. The aircraft they are designing combines high-performance in all critical areas with zero-emissions. Lobo will support the program by facilitating design discussions with operators and sourcing funding both for Orca itself as well as for their future customers".

Soma Varga, Orca's CEO states that: "This cooperation with Lobo Leasing is a major step forward in our mission. Leveraging their established and international partner network of rotorcraft operators gives us a unique opportunity to receive end-user feedback for our eVTOL concept. In these early stages of design this allows us to tailor our aircraft to provide the most optimal layout based on years of operational experience."

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