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Three of the world-leading specialists in transportation and aerospace - Aria Group, Pankl AG and KTM E-Technologies - form CO-LEKTIV to steer the evolution of Advanced Air Mobility
Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is poised to transform the human experience as we know it. Today, three leaders in aviation and automotive design, development and production announced the creation of CO-LEKTIV (pronounced "collective") to help accelerate AAM beyond concepts and prototypes and into scalable production. Together, Aria Group, Pankl AG and KTM E-Technologies will leverage their complementary capabilities under the CO-LEKTIV name, acting as a catalyst for clients working to achieve certifiable aerospace quality, safety and reliability at production scale.

The AAM vision of revolutionary airborne technology transporting people and goods in new, sustainable, and cost-effective aircraft in both rural and urban environments marks an inflection point for mobility. CO-LEKTIV will offer the next evolution of composite and advanced-materials manufacturing solutions to meet the demands of this new industry and the new era it will bring about.

"AAM has the potential to revolutionise transportation and have a massive, positive impact on everyday life, but the business models for the various enterprises in this still-forming ecosystem only make sense when sufficient scale can be achieved," said Clive Hawkins, founder and CEO of Aria Group. "CO-LEKTIV exists to turn those grand visions into scalable reality. Our members are production-solution pioneers, applying our combined engineering expertise and specialty series manufacturing mindset across aviation, performance automotive, and powersports applications to help the world's leading AAM brands usher in a new transportation age."

Hawkins will be speaking at the Aerospace Incubator during Aviation Week on Wednesday, November 3rd, where he will be presenting a look at the opportunities and risks ahead for all companies involved in the future production of AAM vehicles.

Aria Group brings design, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing expertise across all forms of transportation. It specialises in developing new composite technology manufacturing processes and solutions. Pankl AG supplies the world's most renowned brands in global aerospace with components and systems for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, as well as the top Formula 1 teams with high-performance componentry. KTM E-Technologies is the advanced engineering and development division of KTM, the world-renowned racing and motorcycle company, that develops the technologies to enable the production of various products for its sister company and clients in multiple industries.

Traffic jams exist beyond rush hour commutes. The new product development process is also susceptible to congestion and roadblocks, especially in the creation of a brand-new category. By thinking differently, CO-LEKTIV will alleviate both, helping solve the challenges of modern conveyance and empowering AAM pioneers to scale, certify and standardise the solutions of tomorrow.

Ultimately, CO-LEKTIV's work will enable people, goods and services to move more freely, efficiently and safely through the air to their destinations.

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CO-LEKTIV Manufacturing Consultants, Project Management Consultants
Aria Group Design Services, Engineering Design Services, Computer-aided Engineering, Models, Computer-aided Design, Milling, Machining Services, Additive Manufacturing (Resin), Additive Manufacturing, Carbon-reinforced Composites, Composite Manufacturing Services, Autoclaves, Metal & Alloy Fabrications
Pankl Aerospace Systems Europe GmbH Rotor Drives, Shafts & Shaft Assemblies, Air Refuelling Systems, Gearboxes
KTM E-Technologies GmbH Thermoplastics
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