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Autopilot eVTOL manned aircraft V1500M completes first flight test
Friday, 29 October 2021

Recently, the self-driving eVTOL manned aircraft V1500M independently developed by Autoflight successfully completed its first flight test.

As an electric vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing manned aircraft, the V1500M has a maximum take-off weight of 1,500 kg and is equipped with a pure electric power system. It has a passenger flight range of 250 kilometres and a maximum number of 3-4 passengers. Its vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing configuration has the advantages of both a helicopter and a fixed-wing aircraft. It can take off vertically and cruise quickly. This configuration combines high efficiency, long range, and simple configuration into one, while meeting the redundancy requirements of aviation safety standards.

From design finalisation, to carbon fibre fuselage mould making, to the first show at the Zhuhai Air Show, subsequent bench testing and flight control avionics series commissioning, to the first take-off and landing test of the V1500M, the Fengfei team just didn't use it. 100 days. Behind this is not only the spirit of selflessness and hard work of the Autoflight R&D team, and the rapid iterative model, but also the technological precipitation of Autoflight from small to large in the four years since its establishment.

The head of the V1500M project of Autoflight said: "We will start the V1500M fixed-wing conversion test soon to verify the conversion from the rotor to the fixed-wing flight mode. Through various flight tests, we will advance the development of the V1500M at full speed and strive to complete in 2024. We obtained airworthiness certification in 2015. With such an intelligent, environmentally friendly , safe and reliable self-driving eVTOL manned aircraft, we hope that everyone can experience the convenience and joy of flying, and make future travel more free and enjoyable."

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