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The QUICKSILVER (QS-100) brings connectivity to the most unlikely of places
Wednesday, 10 November 2021

NAL RESEARCH® is proud to announce the launch of its QUICKSILVER® (QS-100) terminal, one of the first devices to utilise the Iridium Certus® 100 mid-band service offered by the new Iridium NEXT constellation in low Earth orbit (LEO). QUICKSILVER embodies a compact, rugged package for On-The-Move (OTM), Over-The-Horizon (OTH), and Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) connectivity anywhere in the world. This versatile device is suitable for standalone usage and embedded integration. Its modular design makes it your ideal mid-band solution for unmanned systems (UAV/ UAS / USV / UUV), unattended sensors, remote command and control (C2), diagnostic monitoring, telemetry, and other data transport applications.

Connect & Communicate Anytime, Anywhere

"For over 20 years, NAL Research has built a reputation as the leader for the most reliable and durable Iridium communication devices. With the recent refresh of Iridium's NEXT constellation, we knew we had to build a small form-factor device capable of taking full advantage of Iridium's low latency network technologies," said Nathan Rodecap, NAL Research Vice President SATCOM Solutions. "NAL Research's Wi-Fi enabled modem, QUICKSILVER, based on the Iridium Certus 9770 Transceiver, enables rich, IP-based communications anywhere in the world – in an incredibly small and rugged package."

The QUICKSILVER by NAL Research can be used standalone or easily integrated into manned and unmanned maritime, aviation, land-mobile, or IoT platforms for a variety of applications. For example, in the commercial market, the QUICKSILVER can be used to deliver telemetry, diagnostics, and sensor data to servers anywhere in the world for remote sensor M2M / IoT Monitoring & Control functions. Whereas for government organisations it may be utilised for low-profile vehicle data links, encryption, and platform system monitoring.

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