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Ka-226T helicopter presented at Dubai Airshow is equipped with the latest KRET equipment
Tuesday, 16 November 2021

The deeply modernised Ka-226T helicopter received the latest avionics of the Radioelectronic Technologies Concern of the State Corporation Rostec. The equipment is designed for autonomous determination of the spatial position and altitude and speed parameters of the aircraft.

The Ka-226T onboard equipment includes a whole series of instruments developed by UKBP JSC (part of KRET JSC): BPV-7 units for collecting information about general helicopter equipment and power plant; indicators IM-14-2N for displaying information to the crew; ISRP-5-3 backup device system; air pressure receivers PVD-K4-5; light signal board TSK-5.

The new system of backup devices ISRP-5-3 in autonomous mode determines the roll, pitch and magnetic heading of the helicopter, calculates the barometric altitude of the aircraft, the indicated and vertical speed, provides flight and navigation data, information about the engine parameters, the coordinates of the aircraft, and also displays emergency, warning and notification information.

The Concern's equipment included in the improved Ka-226T is notable for its small weight and dimensions. For example, the BPV-7 unit is essentially a full-fledged two-channel on-board monitoring system, while having half the size and weight compared to the systems of the previous generation. Two times smaller and lighter than analogs and a new system of backup devices ISRP-5-3. Moreover, all equipment is highly efficient and accurate.

The helicopter is adapted for flying in the highlands, therefore the project of modernisation of the machine was given the working title "Climber". The new rotorcraft is distinguished from the previous models of the Ka-226 family by a new airframe and fuselage design with increased aerodynamic characteristics.

Flight tests of the light Ka-226T are currently underway at the Mil and Kamov test facility of the National Helicopter Engineering Center. Serial production of the modernised helicopter with the latest KRET avionics is scheduled to begin in 2022.

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Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) Aircraft Interior Lighting Systems, Satellite Receivers, Cockpit Video Displays, Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems, Navigation Antennas, GPS, Electronic Flight Instrument Systems, Automatic Flight Control Systems
National Centre for Helicopter Engineering, Kamov (was Kamov JSC) Airframer
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