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Costa Rica company to provide software development and verification services to Joby Aviation
Monday, 20 December 2021

The Costa Rican company Avionyx, dedicated to providing software engineering services to develop avionics systems for eVTOL / UAM, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, entered into business with the US firm Joby Aviation, which is opting for a certification from the Federal Administration of Aviation (FAA).

Joby Aviation is a company that is deploying a fully electric aircraft with four passengers, which can take off and land vertically with a maximum range of 241 kilometres and a maximum speed of 322 kilometres per hour. The company has the objective of launching the passenger service in 2024, to offer a fast, clean and silent form of transport in congested metropolitan areas and other communities.

In addition to software development services, Avionyx will provide Joby Aviation with software verification services, which consist of a series of strict policies that the software is designed to demonstrate that it is safe, and thus obtain certification beforehand. With this contract, the national company would expand its plan to at least 40 engineers to carry out the aforementioned tasks.

"This opportunity with Joby Aviation will certainly put companies in the Aerospace Cluster in Costa Rica on the radar of more than 200 eVTOL (electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing) vehicles that currently exist, stimulating growth for the country and for the professional career of the talented engineers of Costa Rica," said Larry Allgood, CEO of Avionyx.

Alvaro Piedra, Export Director of PROCOMER, added, "For PROCOMER and for the Costa Rica Aerospace Cluster (CRAC) consortium this Avionyx business is a great opportunity for the entire aerospace industry in Costa Rica, which it is positioning its Costa Rican talent in labours as sophisticated as aircraft software. This achievement by Avionyx will support and enhance all the work that CRAC has been carrying out in the North American market of La Mano with PROCOMER."

While Esteban Carrillo, executive director of CRAC, stated, "The concept of air mobility (air mobility) is becoming a global trend in the development of innovation and new technologies in the aerospace sector. The inclusion of Avinyx within this supply chain shows that Costa Rica is ready to be a player of the highest importance for this emerging sector. Little by little we have to increase the number of companies that are active within the supply chain of companies such as Joby Aviation, so that we are identified worldwide for being a strategic player in the development of these new technologies".

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