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AIE's 225CS engine beats the heat in AFRL flight testing
Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Advanced Innovative Engineering (AIE) through the US-UK Small UAS Engine activities demonstrates a world class, UAS propulsion system.

AIE demonstrated the capability of its 38 HP rotary engine, the AIE 225CS (Compact SPARCS – Self Pressurising Air Rotor Cooling System). "The SPARCS is an advanced rotor cooling system that substantially increases engine performance and its life. This technology consistently delivered power even in the most extreme temperature conditions," Nathan Bailey, Managing Director (MD), Advanced Innovative Engineering, UK.

In a week of flight testing, the AIE engine delivered outstanding climb and altitude performance. The engine handled ambient ground temperatures in excess of 45° (113°) significantly shortening the vehicle take-off distance, and exceeding the baseline ceiling with substantially higher climb rates.

The flight testing was considered a complete success, with one flight engineer commenting, "I have to say, this has been the smoothest engine install that I've ever been involved in. The engine always started and always went to power as advertised."

This effort is partnered by the UK MOD, Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DTSL) and the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). AFRL's Small Scale Propulsion Lead, Dr. Gregory Minkiewicz was quoted as saying, "This engine will enable vision system UAS for new ISR capabilities in terms of long range and extended reach ISR missions."

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