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The next generation Non-Lithium Survival Emergency Locator Transmitter is launched by ARTEX
Friday, 11 February 2022

ARTEX, leading provider of safety and survival equipment to the aviation market, has launched the world's latest Non-Lithium Survival (S) Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT).

The ARTEX ELT 4000S, often referred to as a Portable ELT by airlines and commercial aircraft OEMs, is the first survival beacon to offer a cost-effective, lithium-free solution for commercial airliners and transport aircraft across the world.

Introducing next-generation ELT transmitter technology to the market, the 4000S is exempt from FAA Non-Rechargeable Lithium Battery special conditions, offering cost savings to OEMs and operators due to reduced hazmat shipping and a low acquisition and maintenance cost. The on-wing five-year user replaceable alkaline battery system represents further ownership cost savings.

The buoyant beacon, designed for installation in the main cabin of a commercial aircraft, transmits on 121.5 and 406 MHz and has an integrated GPS (Galileo GNSS) receiver which will acquire aircraft position data. It is water-activated but can also be activated using a manual activation switch. On activation, the ELT's 406 MHz signal is transmitted to the global Cospas-Sarsat satellite network and routed to the nearest Search and Rescue agency. GPS data embedded within the digital transmission reduces the search radius to 100 meters.

The ELT 4000S has a mounting bracket offering lightweight and multi-axis release for location flexibility for left or right-hand installations. The beacon is compatible with existing ARTEX handheld Ground Service Equipment (GSE) programmers.

A 15-foot lanyard is stowed in the top housing for attachment to a life raft and a foldable antenna suitable for one-handed deployment is secured in a dedicated mounting system. The beacon also has an easy-to-read test system, utilising green and red LED indicators to indicate a successful self-test or when service is required.

Marc Medeiros, Vice President of ARTEX, said: "Harnessing 30 years of ARTEX automatic fixed ELT expertise and based on our proven ELT 4000 system, the development of the ELT 4000S highlights ARTEX's commitment to respond to the requirements of our customers with innovative solutions. The installation of ELT 4000 on many different aircraft has already proved the robustness of a 406 MHz alkaline-powered beacon in the harsh environment of an in-service aircraft. Now, there is a growing confidence and demand in the industry to capitalise on the benefits of alkaline battery systems that we can answer with our ELT 4000S.

"The ELT 4000S offers major OEM customers and operators a cost-effective, lithium-free solution. The five-year battery life is identical to current lithium-based solutions, but costs far less per unit to purchase and maintain. It is also a very simple retrofit installation with minimal engineering required."

ACR Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures an array of ARTEX ELT's, battery packs, and ELT accessories. ARTEX ELT's serve a wide category of aircraft ranging from general aviation to the world's leading airframe manufacturers, large commercial airlines, and government aircraft.

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