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Qarbon Aerospace partners with Georgia Tech for NASA's University Leadership Initiative (ULI) to address barriers in the development of civilian vertical lift vehicles
Monday, 14 March 2022

Qarbon Aerospace, Inc. (Qarbon Aerospace) has partnered with Georgia Tech to participate in NASA's University Leadership Initiative (ULI), focused on the development of advanced structures for civil vertical lift vehicles. NASA has granted Georgia Tech, a leader in vertical lift research, $5.37M to address the technical barriers associated with developing vertical lift vehicles for civilian use. As a partner in the ULI, Qarbon Aerospace will be leading the innovation and manufacturing demonstration for UAM (Urban Air Mobility) airframe structures and testing the use of thermoplastic components, as well as the repair and maintenance of advanced structures. Over the last few years, the UAM market has seen significant potential for growth and is becoming a major focus in the aerospace industry. With this growth comes a demand for new and sustainable manufacturing technologies, maintenance and repair strategies, lower operational costs, and efficient safety monitoring. The NASA ULI is an exciting opportunity for Qarbon Aerospace as they continue to be at the forefront of thermoplastic technology, staying true to their vision of Aerostructures Reimagined.

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Qarbon Aerospace (Foundation), LLC (was Triumph Aerospace Structures - Red Oak) Thrust Reversers, Fuselage Sections, Nacelles, Wings, Empennages, Final Assembly, Supply Chain Management, Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment
Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Research/Consulting Services, Prototyping, Models
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