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Ontic acquires Servotek and Westcon product lines from Marsh Bellofram
Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Ontic, the aerospace industry's leading provider of 'Extended Life Solutions' for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) legacy and non-core products has acquired electromechanical product lines from Marsh Bellofram.

The products include Servotek TachSyn brushless DC tachometer and commutators, instrument-grade DC tachometers and rotary encoders. The products are on a variety of industrial and aerospace applications. Westcon AC/DC tachometers support diverse industries such as aviation, marine, mining, oil, and gas production.

Gareth Blackbird, Vice President and CCO of Ontic, said, “Ontic is committed to strategically assisting OEMs with the on-going support of their non-core products, allowing our partners to progress and concentrate on their strategic priorities. We are pleased to add Marsh Bellofram to the group of OEMs that we work with.”

“As Bellofram continues to move towards a more synergistic approach and expansion of our current portfolio and offering, we are fortunate to partner with Ontic, to acquire and continue with the Servotek and Westcon Product lines, both from a product set and customer base,” states Joe Colletti, Jr., President of Marsh Bellofram.

The products will be transitioned to Ontic's Creedmoor North Carolina facility.

Ontic maintains a global focus by supporting customers and licensing partners from manufacturing and MRO facilities in Chatsworth, California; Creedmoor, North Carolina; Plainview, New York; Cheltenham, Bolton and Staverton in the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

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