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Thomson Aero Seating’s new VantageDUO
Monday, 6 June 2022

Thomson Aero Seating’s new VantageDUO for business class has been designed and engineered to bring maximum comfort to the long-range, single-aisle market, with no compromise on density.

The VantageDUO has a similar pitch to traditional single-aisle business-class recliner seats while offering the passenger significantly greater levels of comfort, privacy, and personal space.

The Immersive Relaxed Position created by Thompson Aero Seating for the VantageDUO is based upon the zero-gravity principle, where research into the relationship between posture and pressure has established the most comfortable position possible, other than lying flat. While traditional recliner seats have typically a maximum 110 degree of recline, the VantageDUO has 130 degrees of recline.

Andy Morris, VP Commercial for Thompson Aero Seating, says: “The fast-emerging mid-to- long-range single-aisle market means that passengers want greater comfort and privacy but not necessarily a fully flat seat such as the VantageSOLO. The VantageDUO offers exceptional comfort and a very marketable seating option, with the same number of passengers as traditional business-class seating. The Vantage DUO really is in a class of its own.”

The angling of the VantageDUO means that passenger leg room is maximised. There is a fixed back-shell, so while the seat reclines, the structure does not, ensuring the space of passengers behind is never changed or compromised.

The VantageDUO elevates and reclines the passenger to the Immersive Relaxed Position. Suspending the passenger in a neutral posture increases the feeling of weightlessness, allowing deep relaxation and comfort, taking pressure off the heart and allowing a stress-free position. The seat kinematics have been carefully designed to ensure that the body is supported at all angles of recline. Lower sections of the seating structure have been sculpted out to maximise the open area.

Vantage DUO seating features:

-IFE, a power socket, USB, water-bottle stowage and tablet stowage

-Electronic controls. A number of functional buttons. Touch screen. Headphone jack inputs and headphone hooks, reading light.

-Actuated seat movements between taxi, take-off & landing position and Immersive Relaxed Position

-Seat numbers integrated into the fabric on head wing for a modern and fresh look

-Window seat – because of geometry, it has been possible to introduce an extended countertop area

-All pockets of space have been utilised

-Accommodates a 13.3” monitor as standard with options up to 16”

-Option for a PED holder

-Coat hook

-Wireless charging provisions

-Amenity pocket for toothbrush, socks, etc

-Other options available include seat heating/cooling and a pneumatic lumbar and massage system

-Drop-down arm for accessibility. Allows access for wheelchair users

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