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New FCI Aerospace capabilities brochure explains thermal sensing technology & applications
Sunday, 22 May 2022

Engineers looking for precision, flight-qualified sensors ready to solve mission-critical fluid measurement problems involving air, gas, liquids, pressure and temperature will want to obtain the new Capabilities Brochure from FCI Aerospace.

FCI sensors and switches are in use today aboard a wide range of civilian, commercial and military aircraft, as well as on spacecraft including the International Space Station. Their wide range of applications include monitoring engine oil and coolants, landing gear oil, hydraulics, fuel level, cabin air and climate control, thermal management/cooling systems, potable water level and much more.

Recognizing that aircraft and sub-system manufacturers have diverse technical measurement and sensing requirements, FCI Aerospace is a world leading manufacturer of both commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and built-to-specification sensors and switches. The company's product designs meet and/or exceed numerous global aerospace industry specifications for performance, reliability and quality.

Whether fixed wing or rotary aircraft, FCI Aerospace has designed and manufactured qualified, flight-worthy sensor systems to meet a broad range of applications. Manufacturers and sub-system suppliers of commercial, business, defense and military aircraft throughout the world have specified and installed FCI sensors with confidence for more than three decades.

FCI flow instruments utilize FCI patented, exclusive thermal dispersion technology. FCI uses a proprietary constant power technique, which is highly effective in flow sensor designs. For flow meter type applications, FCI utilizes either of two effective techniques, constant power or constant ΔT, whichever is best suited for the specific application.

Adding to their dependable performance, FCI thermal sensors have no moving parts to clog or foul. This closed design provides extremely reliable performance in demanding aerospace environments with virtually no maintenance required. The result is superior measurement performance and high reliability over a long service life with a low lifecycle cost.

FCI aerospace sensors provide measurements, warnings, and alarms on aircraft flow rates, liquid levels, temperature, and pressure. FCI sensors are compact and lightweight to support aircraft design goals to reduce space and minimize weight to improve energy efficiency.

FCI is ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D certified and a continuous improvement manufacturer. FCI's design, manufacturing and calibration systems, processes, and facilities are continuously reviewed and audited by all major contractors and airframe manufacturers, enabling FCI to provide proposals directly to system suppliers and contractors alike. FCI products are proudly manufactured in the USA at our corporate headquarters in San Marcos, California.

FCI's Quality Assurance Management System has been reviewed, audited, and approved by numerous commercial and military aircraft, space, vehicle, and marine contractors and approval agencies. FCI as a Production Approval Holder (PAH) provides 8130-3 Airworthiness Tags under the Federal Aviation Administration- Parts Manufactures Approval (FAA-PMA).

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