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De Havilland Canada increasing operational flexibility of Dash 8-400 aircraft with design weight increases and cabin enhancements
Tuesday, 19 July 2022

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited today announced design weight increases and cabin enhancements for the Dash 8-400 aircraft.

"As we work toward relaunching the production of the Dash 8-400 aircraft, our design weight increases and cabin enhancements, which are available to retrofit in-service aircraft, illustrate De Havilland Canada's ongoing commitment and investments to support the worldwide fleet," said Jean-Philippe Côté, Vice President, Programs, De Havilland Canada. "Our solutions offer our operators many opportunities to increase operational flexibility and to provide a passenger experience that is equivalent to that on new production aircraft. In addition, our design weight increases for the Dash 8-400 aircraft will allow operators to meet the increasing passenger weight allowance requirements mandated by Transport Canada, the FAA and various other aviation authorities, without any impact on revenue."

Design Weight Increases

The design weight increases will provide an increase of up to 3,000 lb (1,360 kg) in payload (maximum zero fuel weight) and an increase of up to 2,000 lb (907 kg) to the maximum take-off weight of the Dash 8-400 aircraft. These weight increases significantly enhance the operational capability of the aircraft to carry more passengers, more bags, more cargo, and more fuel, and provide more range than ever before. The weight increases are offered in multiple standard categories and De Havilland Canada can also provide customized weight increases to meet the specific needs of a particular operator. The increased fuel tankering capability offers operators options to refuel at points of the network that provide greater operational flexibility and cost optimization.

In addition, an increase of 650 lb (295 kg) is being developed to the aft baggage compartment for operators who require additional baggage weight carrying capability.

Cabin Enhancements

When the Dash 8-400 entered service, its advanced design provided more payload, more passenger capacity, and more range than competing turboprops. The aircraft incorporated several unique, market-leading features, such as the Active Noise and Vibration Suppression (ANVS) system to ensure passengers enjoy a quieter cabin. Additionally, the aircraft's HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which is standard on all Dash 8-400 aircraft, ensures that cabin air is refreshed 100% every three to four minutes. Since entry into service, updates have been made to the cabin, including LED lighting, new window design, enlarged overhead bins, and more.

De Havilland Canada is again investing in the Dash 8-400 aircraft and is introducing a series of new features to further enhance passenger appeal with more functionality and flexibility. These features include:

-Satellite-based Internet Connectivity from Starlink enables high speed, low latency broadband internet worldwide, providing passengers with a premier internet experience not available from any other satellite or air-to-ground system. The Starlink antenna's lightweight and aerodynamic form factor enable a more sustainable operation with fuel savings not capable with other legacy systems. De Havilland Canada's work with Starlink to integrate satellite-based, in-flight Wi-Fi on an aircraft platform is the first agreement between Starlink and any OEM and highlights De Havilland Canada's customer focus and agility as an organization.

-Wireless In-flight Entertainment (IFE) System that provides passengers with wireless access to a wide variety of content on their personal electronic devices. The single-line replaceable unit that can be installed in the overhead bins, offers reduced weight and maintenance compared to a seat-back IFE solution. The unit can be powered by batteries or by aircraft power.

-USB In-Seat Power at all passenger seat locations. The system, which does not impact passenger legroom, is compatible with any seat type and will ensure passengers can easily connect and power their personal devices while onboard.

-An Overhead Bin Extension Solution for earlier models of Dash 8-400 aircraft. This cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution provides additional stowage volume in the Dash 8 aircraft's cabin and is the perfect solution to meet growing passenger requirements for more baggage space.

-Pictorial illuminated signage that aligns with signage in airport facilities and facilitates the remarketing of aircraft by eliminating the need for signage translations.

Upgraded interior décor that includes soft materials in the cabin (carpets, dado panels, bulkheads, seat dress covers etc.)

-For earlier models of Dash 8-400 aircraft, brighter LED cabin lighting that will provide a cool, dimmable lighting system along ceiling panels, and under the bins, as well as adjustable PSU reading lights.

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