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Radiant Technology introduces GEN 2 instruments
Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Radiant GEN-2 Technology has developed lightweight, affordable instruments for the experimental and light sport market for over 10 years. Starting with simple linear LED representations, they advanced to digital graphic displays.

Today, the new GEN-2 instruments add in new features and even more functionality in a single instrument. Along with better graphic displays, these units offer True Airspeed and Density Altitude, thus increasing pilot awareness. To achieve this functionality, these new products use a built-in air computer along with a temperature probe. The temperature probe also provides Outside Air Temperature (OAT).

“Radiant GEN 2 instruments represent an advancement in form and functionality, and also an advancement in value,” said James Wiebe, CEO of Radiant Technology. “For example, the owner receives seven clear and legible functions with standard dial implementations for major functions, all in one small unit,” referring to the Multi-Function instrument which combines Airspeed, Altimeter, VSI, Graphing Altimeter, Density Altitude, Temperature and True Airspeed.

Gen-2 products incorporate familiar representations of common flight instruments, along with significant digital enhancements including a menu of functions:

-External Temperature

-True Airspeed

-Density Altitude

-User Choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit display

-Easy Installation, just connect power and ground. (Airspeed units require "Tee" into existing pitot line)

-Install into standard 2 ¼ or 3 1/8 inch panel instrument hole using an optional adapter ring

-Max Scale, 100 or 200

-User selectable Knots or MPH

-Custom Green Airspeed Range, set by user preference

-Custom Yellow Airspeed Range, set by user preference

-Custom Red Airspeed Range, set by user preference

-Calibratable Altimeter

-Calibratable Temperature Probe

-Altimeter works to 20,000 feet

-VSI works to +/- 9999 feet per minute

There are several models of this new line, each with features and price points matching pilot needs. They include these configurations:

-Multi-Function Instrument, features Airspeed, Altimeter, Graphing Altimeter, VSI, Density Altitude, True Airspeed and Outside Air Temperature (OAT), with a brilliant and clear, deep black, high contrast display.

-Altimeter features Altimeter, Graphing Altimeter, VSI, Density Altitude and Outside Air Temperature (OAT).

-Airspeed features Airspeed, True Airspeed and Outside Air Temperature (OAT).

-Fuel gauge, with single / dual or quad inputs.

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Radiant Technology LLC (was Belite Electronics) Fuel Quantity Indicators, Airspeed Indicators, Inclinometers, Vertical Speed Indicators, Fuel Probes, Turn Coordinators, Angle of Attack Indicators, Temperature Indicators
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