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Investment support for unmanned helicopter and kamikaze
Thursday, 13 October 2022

New facilities and production development activities established for different needs within the Turkish defense industry will be supported by investment incentive mechanisms.

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent, defense industry companies are making various investments to produce new products and improve existing production opportunities in order to meet the security needs of friendly and allied countries, especially Turkey. These investments are supported by investment incentive mechanisms.

In this context, it was decided to support the investment of Titra Technology, which operates in the fields of unmanned systems and artificial intelligence, in the field of aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing in Ankara-Kahramankazan in the "regional-priority investment" category.

Titra Teknoloji aims to produce 10 Alpine unmanned helicopters and 250 fixed wing kamikazes per year at the facility.

A resource of 45 million 650 thousand liras will be used for the said investment, and employment will be provided for 100 people.

With the incentive mechanism, support elements such as interest support, VAT exemption, employer's share of insurance premium for 7 years, tax reduction 80 percent, investment contribution rate 40 percent, and investment location allocation will be made available for investment.

Alpin unmanned helicopter was created as an unmanned/autonomous solution by changing the control mechanisms and interfaces of the double manned helicopter and controlling the system-specific servo actuators with the developed autopilot system.

Alpin is the first unmanned helicopter in Turkey that can perform the assigned tasks fully automatically and can carry 200 kilograms of payload including fuel. With this load capacity, Alpin will be able to serve in many military/civilian areas.

With its fixed wing kamikaze solution, Titra Teknoloji aims to respond to the increasing demands in this field recently.

Tactical supplies, defense equipment

Fora Grup Defense Technologies, which produces "tactical operational materials" and "tactical medical products" used by the soldiers and police in the field, and has achieved export success with these, will reach an annual production capacity of 412 thousand 330 various military-purpose bags and accessories with its modernization work in Çankaya.

For the project, which will significantly increase the production capability of military textile products, 25 million 455 thousand liras of resources will be used and 1 million 135 thousand dollars of machinery and equipment will be imported. Various tax and insurance discounts and investment contribution will be offered for the investment that will employ 100 people.

The investment of Opak Mining will also be supported.

The new investment of 47 million 245 thousand liras in Sincan by Opak Madencilik was also entitled to benefit from the incentives. Various products such as rocket body, rocket head, tank piece and artillery piece for the defense industry will be produced at the facility. The facility, where 25 people will be employed, will have an annual production capacity of 50 tons.

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