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AVX awarded US Army contract to develop All-Electric Flight Control System
Friday, 11 November 2022

AVX Aircraft Company, Benbrook, TX was awarded a contract to continue development of an All Electric Flight Control System (AEFCS) in support of U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM). AVX in collaboration with Moog Inc., East Aurora, NY is developing the AEFCS using state of the art electro-mechanical actuator technologies as a way to safely and efficiently replace hydraulic systems on legacy and next generation helicopters. Kendall Goodman, AVX President states “the electric flight control technology being developed by the AVX/Moog team provides numerous benefits to our customers to include: safety, weight reduction, reduced maintenance, and life-cycle cost savings.” Moog brings a proven legacy of reliable and innovative flight controls successfully integrated into aircraft that have changed the course of aviation. “We are excited to build upon our solid relationship with AVX. Drawing upon our foundational technologies, our complementary team efforts will rapidly mature the AEFCS for the U.S. Army and unlock the many significant cost and performance benefits associated with the electrification of rotorcraft” said Jim Riedel, Moog Group Vice President of Agile Prime Pursuits.

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