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Farnborough Aerospace Consortium joins EACP
Friday, 24 February 2023

Farnborough Aerospace Consortium (FAC) has been accepted as a member of the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP).

It is a network of European aerospace clusters that aims to use collaboration and information-sharing to enhance the sector's position globally.

Re-joining EACP will benefit the consortium's hundreds of members by forging closer links with businesses across the continent.

Since last summer, FAC has signed agreements with the Ohio Aerospace Institute in the US and the Aviation Valley Cluster in Poland.

It has had a productive meeting with the King of Malaysia, facilitated an agreement between Dayton in the US and the Rushmoor district, and has joined the Solent Cluster for decarbonisation.

EACP also provides opportunities for members to participate in working groups aimed at solving common challenges.

Alan Fisher, chief executive officer of FAC, said: “Joining EACP will bring many opportunities for our members and the aerospace industry across the south and south-east of Britain.

“It represents nearly 50 clusters from 18 countries that create a strong voice which helps businesses compete in the global market.

“Collaboration on joint projects is one area from which our members will benefit.

“We will also look forward to joining working groups to give our input about what can be done for our members and the sector as a whole.

“For several years, our conferences have noted the change to a collaborative approach in aerospace.

“Whether it be cleaner fuels or the drive to net-zero, many areas are common to all businesses.

“We represent companies in the aerospace, aviation and defence sectors and their supply chains and want to keep Britain as a world leader in these industries.

“Being part of EACP will help us achieve this.”

Niklas Schilling, EACP Coordinator, said: “We are very happy to see Farnborough Aerospace Consortium return to EACP as a member.

“Growing EACP's presence in Great Britain is a testament to the strong link between European and British aerospace companies despite Brexit.

“We believe that the valuable input provided by FAC to EACP will make a noticeable difference and continue to prove the excellence of the EACP network for its clusters and members.”

The goals of EACP include establishing an international network for fast and easy exchange, further understanding of market development in Europe and the world, setting up business and research opportunities for cluster members and influencing policy as well as collaborating on projects.

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