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Solar Atmospheres Eastern PA commissions new state-of-the-art brazing facility
Wednesday, 5 July 2023

Recently, Solar Atmospheres commissioned a new 25,000 square foot brazing facility aimed at high-volume, high-quality braze production. The facility boasts six vacuum furnaces dedicated to brazing, including a unique all-metal hot-zone furnace designed for brazing stainless steel to copper with silver and gold-based braze filler metal (BFM).

Solar specializes in the brazing of high-value components utilizing filler metals based on nickel, silver, gold, and copper. “Solar provides high-quality brazing services for numerous markets, as well as braze-manufacturing services of turn-key components utilizing a large base of suppliers that are also customers” states Mike Moyer, Solar's Vice President of Sales. “Over the last 40 years of brazing and heat treating, we have developed valuable relationships with some of the best and most capable manufacturers in the United States. This translates into unique resources that few others have in the marketplace.”

The new state-of-the-art production facility boasts 4,000 square feet of climate-controlled workspace where technicians assemble and inspect parts, ranging from tiny capillary-tube manifolds to large land-based gas turbine blades. The operation incorporates increased capacity for helium leak testing and pre-braze tack welding of braze assemblies. “With Nadcap accreditation and AS9100 registration, our new facility operates as one expects from the Solar brand” states Chip Lahneman, Solar's General Manager of Brazing. “The investment in our new facility demonstrates Solar's commitment to meeting our customers brazing needs, now, and in the future.”

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