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The 100 000th MT-Propeller blade was manufactured May 2023
Friday, 14 July 2023

MT-Propeller natural composite blades have been a success since they were first built.

Because of their natural composite construction, they are much lighter than aluminum propeller systems, have a higher vibration dampening coefficient compared to foam core composite blades.

By this they also reduce vibration because the composite material does not support harmonics. No restricted rpm ranges, red bands for those blades on certified installations. Those blades have an unlimited blade life, because they can be brought back to the exact factory dimensions during overhaul. Even after a ground strike the blade tips can be rebuilt to the new original dimensions.

The first MT-Propeller blades manufactured in year 1981 are still in service.

Their light weight makes it possible to add more blades to a propeller system, which means that 3-blade conversions, for example, can run more quietly than large 2-blade systems, and in addition, smaller propeller arc disks have less drag than larger diameter propeller arc disks. Even 7-bladed propellers for turboprops are now available with lower loads on the engine during operation, compared to classic propeller systems.

This makes MT propellers the first choice for many aircraft owners and aerobatic pilots.

MT propeller blades are also the best choice for wind tunnels, airships and hovercraft.

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