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75 flying PC-12s enjoy MT's Silent 7 propeller
Thursday, 13 July 2023

The world's first 7-blade propeller is now installed on 75 Pilatus PC-12 aircraft in Europe and the USA.

The installation of The Silent 7 MT-Propeller on the Pilatus PC-12 sets new limits for certain applications, exceeding the performance of 5-blade propellers.

The advantages of The Silent 7:

certified takeoff performance improvement by 20%, improved climb and cruise

a very low noise level both in the cabin and outdoors , like jet-like noise

a very smooth operation

The Pilatus PC-12 STC with The Silent 7 MT-Propeller meets the highest noise regulations in European countries for unrestricted airport operations.

In April 2023, the STC for the Pilatus PC-12 combined with the 7-blade MTV-47 propeller was again updated to reflect the improvement in certified performance in the AFMS, reducing the required take-off length by approximately 20% compared to the original certified data. Already converted PC-12 aircraft can receive the latest certified performance range of MT propellers.

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