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TCab Technology E20 eVTOL prototype officially released
Monday, 19 June 2023

On June 16, TCab Technology held the E20 eVTOL conference at Zhejiang Hengdian Airport. Tang Weibin, former secretary of the Party Committee of the East China Regional Administration of Civil Aviation of China, and Yang Jun, managing partner of Yuanyi Investment, delivered speeches successively, expressing their congratulations to TCab Technology.

Many guests and TCab Technology founder and CEO Huang Yongwei jointly unveiled the aircraft, and the domestic self-developed electric vertical take-off and landing manned aircraft E20 eVTOL made a stunning appearance.

As the first high-tech enterprise in China to break through the technology of eVTOL tilting rotor, the appearance of TCab's technology prototype has attracted the attention of all parties. This domestic electric aircraft with the registration number "B-0EEW" issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China will play an important role in the construction of TCab's three-dimensional transportation ecosystem.

The E20 eVTOL adopts a leading tilt rotor configuration and independently develops the tilt control law; it is equipped with a large-diameter low-speed five-blade propeller and a high-power and heavy-weight Saifeng intelligent motor. Through the noise reduction design, it will not cause noise pollution to the surrounding environment during flight; The 800V high-voltage architecture enables faster charging and lower energy consumption; the original battery and wing structure integration (Cell-To-Wing, CTW) design effectively improves safety, improves structural efficiency, and makes the whole machine lighter.

The E20 has a maximum range of 200 kilometers, a cruising speed of 260 kilometers per hour, and a maximum cruising speed of 320 kilometers per hour. The E20 has the fixed wings of a traditional aircraft, and is equipped with 6 rotors, 4 of which can be tilted, and 2 rotors lock the propellers after takeoff to reduce drag. As a pure electric aircraft, the optimized motor and electrified architecture design simplifies the power transmission mode, making flight more convenient and safer.

A strategic signing ceremony was held at the press conference. Zhang Mingding, general manager of Jinggong General Aviation, Han Shichuan, co-founder and general manager of Nanchang Plain Aviation, Xu Yifeng, founder of Star Club Private Flying Club, and co-founder and CMO of TCab Technology Jiang Jun signed the contract on the spot. After this signing, TCab Technology has more than 200 intentional orders. TCab Technology works closely with strategic partners to jointly promote the construction of a three-dimensional transportation ecosystem.

TCab Technology founder and CEO Huang Yongwei reviewed the development process of the E20 eVTOL step by step at the press conference. From analysis and demonstration to product design, from function development to system integration, from parts production to complete machine assembly, E20 can complete the final assembly and roll off the assembly line on schedule, which is inseparable from the hard work of the R&D team and the full support of supplier partners.

TCab Technology has completed 25% and 50% scale verification machine tests, verified the aerodynamic layout, tilt control law, flight quality, structural strength and trial production process, and accumulated rich test data to help iterative prototype development.

In addition, the frame machine test of TCab Technology is also in progress. The frame machine is an important platform for power system verification and flight control and avionics joint debugging verification in the research and development. The frame machine test speeds up the iterative solution to technical problems and effectively reduces the prototype. The risk of the flight test of the aircraft was eliminated, and the smooth progress of the E20 eVTOL project was promoted.

"Today is an important milestone moment for TCab Technology," said Huang Yongwei, founder and CEO of TCab Technology. "After we completed the design of the E20 eVTOL last year, we devoted ourselves to the manufacture of the first machine. The production line, which lasted 8 months, has finally completed this phased goal as scheduled. In the second half of this year, the prototype will start ground testing and flight testing.”

TCab Technology implements the mission vision of "providing safe and convenient air travel services for the society", focuses on the research and development of manned aircraft, and hopes to expand the living circle of human beings and promote the development of China's advanced air traffic with technological products created in China.

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