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DDC-I’s Deos RTOS hosts GE’s Flight Management System
Tuesday, 15 August 2023

DDC-I, a leading supplier of safety-critical operating systems and tools, today announced that its DO-178C Design Assurance Level A Deos™ multicore real time operating system (RTOS) has been selected by General Electric to host its new flight management system. GE’s FACE-aligned TrueCourse™ Common Flight Management Application is hosted on GE touchscreen Open Display Platform (ODP), developed using the Deos RTOS and tools, employs applications leveraging CoreAVI OpenGL SC graphics, a ProtoLogic EDS display platform hardware and software, and Ansys display software to deliver best in class multi-core performance, configurability, modularity, scalability and reuse.

“DDC-I has been at the forefront of the FACE standardisation effort, and has an unmatched pedigree with millions of hours of flight logged aboard commercial and military aircraft,” said Greg Rose, vice president of marketing at DDC-I. “We look forward to continue working with GE and its partners to provide this world class integrated, certifiable, FACE-aligned, multicore flight management platform that offers optimum performance, modularity, scalability, safety criticality, and display capabilities.”

GE’s Open Display Platform (ODP) product line provides mission system implementations with smart and dumb Cockpit Display System (CDS) configurations using a common architecture to support a wide range of display applications, including a smart open display platform, control display units (CDUs), primary flight display (PFDs) multi-function displays (MFDs), and large area displays (LADs). The smart ODP can host applications developed by GE, 3rd parties, or customers. Apps can range from Navigation/Guidance functions (like GE’s TrueCourse™ Common FMA), lighting, air management, store selection/interface, maps/weather, standby flight, PFD, MFD and other functionality. (Avionics Display Systems | GE Aerospace)

GE’s Open Display Platform (ODP) provides a platform that integrates GE’s advanced TrueCourse™ Common FMA and other Avionics applications in a MOSA/FACE environment. GE’s TrueCourse™ is a modern Flight Management System (FMS) that delivers all the operational benefits sought by today’s operators and is ready to adopt future capabilities that are sure to come. Designed for accuracy, connectivity, and to optimize flight paths, GE’s flight management systems consistently reduce time, fuel consumption, and emissions. (Avionics Flight Management Systems | GE Aerospace).

The Deos RTOS and its tools provide the foundation for the GE flight management platform, employing patented cache partitioning, memory pools, and safe scheduling to deliver higher multi-core CPU utilisation than any other certifiable safety-critical COTS RTOS. First certified to DO-178 DAL A in 1998, Deos provides FACE™ Conformant Safety Base and Safety Extended Profiles that feature hard real-time response, time and space partitioning, and Rate Monotonic, ARINC-653 and POSIX interfaces. SafeMC technology extends Deos’ advanced capabilities to multiple cores, enabling GE’s flight management platform to achieve best in class multi-core performance without compromising safety critical task response and guaranteed execution time.

The GE flight management platform also features ProtoLogic EDS’s ruggedised AMLCD displays. Fully integrated with Deos and CoreAVI OpenGL SC graphics, the high-resolution, sunlight readable displays incorporate a high-performance CPU/GPU, video processor, analog/digital interfaces and data I/O processors in an expandable open architecture. The display system is fully certifiable (DO-178/254), supports FACE, OpenGL, MOSA, SOSA, HOST custom and industry standards, and can withstand the harshest environments (DO-160/MIL-STD-810/461/462).

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