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TCab Technology E20 eVTOL completes the flight test
Tuesday, 15 August 2023

After more than four months of intensive testing, TCab Technology's E20 eVTOL frame machine has successfully completed all aspects of the latest testing stage, from system joint debugging to test flight. The frame machine has been designed with the same take-off weight, power arrangement and system equipment as the full-scale prototype. The smooth test of the frame machine has established a good foundation for the safe flight test of the prototype in the next stage.

The team has successively experienced multiple test stages of system joint debugging, ballast durability, tethered flight test and untethered flight test, and accumulated more than 320 take-offs and landings on this frame aircraft weighing more than 2 tons. Thanks to the team's rigorous and meticulous work during the design, manufacturing and equipment-level tests and the active cooperation of suppliers, the performance of the frame machine was stable and reliable during the system and complete machine tests, so the team can also concentrate on the analysis of test data, improvement of simulation model, tuning of power unit and control parameters.

From March, wearing a down jacket to carry out the bench tension test, to August, wearing short sleeves and completing the test flight of the frame machine in the heat fumigation. The various departments have worked hard and cooperated closely, embodying the company's corporate culture of self-motivation, diligence, integrity, and compliance with practice.

The frame machine is an important platform for power system verification and flight control and avionics joint debugging verification. The frame machine test speeds up the iterative solution to technical problems, effectively reduces the risk of prototype flight test, and promotes the smooth progress of the E20 eVTOL project. The project has now entered the stage of complete machine testing and verification, and the E20 eVTOL prototype has entered a comprehensive flight test stage.

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