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SkyDrive signed an agreement with JAXA for joint research towards future noise reduction for eVTOL
Wednesday, 6 September 2023

SkyDrive Inc. (“SkyDrive”), a leading Japanese eVTOL (*1) aircraft manufacturer based in Japan, announced that the company had proudly concluded a joint research agreement with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (“JAXA”) for the practical application of eVTOLs. In addition to our own research on noise reduction, we will promote research on the improvement of noise estimation technology for eVTOLs in cooperation with JAXA.


With the mission of “taking the lead in the once-in-a-century mobility revolution,” SkyDrive is developing eVTOL aircraft to create a future where everyone has access to eVTOL as their daily transportation. SkyDrive has been selected to participate in the Advanced Air Mobility “Smart Mobility Expo” Project at Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan. The company aims to fly its “SKYDRIVE” (*2) eVTOL aircraft at the Expo.

For eVTOLs to be practical, their certificate of “airworthiness” needs to be achieved following safety and environmental regulations.The aircraft currently under development is expected to have different characteristics from conventional rotary-wing aircraft in terms of lower noise such as rotor diameter, layout, system configurations, etc. Therefore, it is essential to acquire technology to estimate and evaluate the noise level of eVTOLs.

JAXA has been developing technology for noise source identification of rotor blades with their largest wind tunnel test facilities in Japan. SkyDrive has now begun a joint research project in the JAXA facility to reduce the noise level of eVTOLs by utilizing their technology.

Our eVTOL is an electric aircraft that uses electric engines that enable lower noise operations. However, in order for this aircraft to take off and land in neighborhoods and to be applied as daily choice transportation, we are working to further noise reduction. SkyDrive will continue its effort to reduce the noise source development of rotors and systems using the results from the joint research with JAXA.

■Nobuo KISHI, Chief Technology Officer, SkyDrive Inc., commented:

We are very pleased to conduct this joint research with JAXA that focuses on noise reduction of eVTOLs. We will use the data acquired through the research by using JAXA's existing noise source identification technology to take us through the major step to developing flying cars that the society needs.

Editor's Note:

(*1) “eVTOL” is an abbreviation for electric vertical takeoff and landing. eVTOL aircraft are characterized by electrification, a fully autonomous autopilot, and vertical takeoff and landing. It is also called Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) or Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

(*2) “SKYDRIVE” is a product name of SkyDrive Model SD-05. Model SD-05 is in the process of acquiring its Japan Civil Aviation Bureau certification.

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