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Akkodis showcases the future of sustainable and digital aerospace at the Paris Air Show
Monday, 19 June 2023

Akkodis, a global digital engineering company and Smart Industry leader, is this week showcasing its best-in-class technologies that are propelling the future of sustainable aerospace at the world-famous Paris Air Show at the Le Bourget Parc des Expositions.

Formed in early 2022, Akkodis, part of the Adecco Group, the world's leading talent and tech company, brings over four decades of expertise in aerospace. Visitors to the Akkodis Chalet (301) will have a chance to get 'hands-on' and explore the latest pioneering innovations in the Chalet's two main experiential zones: Green & Fly and Digital.

Discover how new technologies help to reduce emissions in the Akkodis 'Green & Fly' zone

Anticipated to be a hive of activity is the Akkodis Chalet's 'Green & Fly' zone. Designed by Akkodis' most experienced aeronautical engineers, the Green & Fly zone embodies the company's commitment to the decarbonization of the industry through the latest technologies. As part of this zone, visitors will get to discover 'Green & Fly' – Akkodis' small and light concept aircraft. The aircraft has an innovative design and a sophisticated mechanism powered by hydrogen fuel cell batteries and supercapacitors.

The design concept for the regional aircraft combines the latest technologies and scientific research and explores various configurations to help optimize the aerodynamic performance and energy consumption. Furthermore, the cockpit integrates digital applications and AI to support pilot operation. The design also incorporates energy recovery landing gear, with the aim of steadily replacing all hydraulic components with electric ones to reduce emissions.

Configure your own aircraft and operate a flying taxi fleet in the Akkodis 'Digital' zone

The Chalet also features a 'Digital' zone, showcasing Akkodis' full 360-degree product lifecycle capabilities, from Engineering and R&D, Manufacturing and Operations, to IT and Ecosystem support.

Visitors to this zone will have fun in configuring and optimizing their own aircraft – getting a feel for how this powerful technology will change the future of the design process. Developing products faster without jeopardizing safety is one of the industry's major challenges. Building on an open-source platform, Akkodis has developed its own optimization algorithm, experience plan, state-of-the-art coupling, and machine learning capabilities. This scientific software allows designers to easily describe issues, identify optimal scenarios and reduce lead-time and development costs.

Digital zone visitors will also enjoy an immersive experience with the help of Augmented and Virtual Reality headsets. They will have a chance to become an operator, empowered to perform simulated training exercises and streamline manufacturing tasks with the help of Akkodis' intuitive learning management system. This supports the growing need of aeronautics industry to build strong domain expertise, especially given the current post-pandemic tech talent shortage.

The future of aviation will be marked by digital technology that will drive seamless aviation operations, where commercial flights will operate with a pilot or autonomously. Data continuity between digital twins and physical aircraft will become paramount, as will cybersecurity, allowing for improved operational efficiency, seamless maintenance procedures and the overall safety of flights. Digital zone visitors can catch a glimpse of this technology in action by operating and providing support to a flying taxi fleet.

Paolo del Noce, Group Senior Vice President Global Sales, Akkodis, said, “It is fantastic to be here at the Paris Air Show today and experience first-hand the pioneering technologies that Akkodis is developing with clients to tackle some of the major challenges facing the global industry,” He continued, “I am proud of the work that our 8,000 talented Aerospace & Defense engineers and digital experts deliver every day that is helping to shape a more efficient, better connected, safer and ultimately, more sustainable aviation future. At Akkodis, our Purpose is based on Engineering a Smarter Future Together – it's with this spirit that we are teaming up with clients and partners to accelerate the Smart Industry transformation. No one company can bring about this change alone. It will take collaboration, passion, innovation, and scale – at pace – to deliver upon the promise.”

Stéphane Latieule, SVP, Global Aerospace & Defense, Akkodis said, “The pandemic has shown that the industry needs to become more resilient, flexible, and sustainable. He continued, “At Akkodis we have identified four main challenges facing the world's Aerospace & Defense industry: digital transformation; attracting, retaining, and developing tomorrow's talent; decarbonizing the industry; and finally, innovation. The aviation sector is amidst a revolution and the next generation of civil aircraft will be very different from the current one – for example, in terms of shape and propulsion systems. The space sector, for its part, is at an inflection point like that experienced by commercial air travel in the 1950s. We are proud to be a trusted partner to clients who count on our deep expertise and game-changing solutions to realize the ambition.”

Akkodis will also host two roundtable sessions at the Air Show, 'Women in Smart Industry: What's at stake for women in aerospace' and 'Diversity and Inclusion in Aero.' These sessions will explore how women have a significant and important role to play in advancing the tech game in aerospace. The company is taking a stand for Women in Smart Industry.

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