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The future of kit aircraft: Introducing the Dakota e-Hawk by CKD Aero & Kite Magnetics
Monday, 11 March 2024

Kit aircraft manufacturer CKD Aero, a global leader in kit aircraft manufacturing, and Kite Magnetics, pioneers in electric propulsion technology, unveil the Dakota e-Hawk - the world's most cost-effective two-seat electric aircraft. This groundbreaking initiative promises to revolutionize the kit aircraft sector by making flying as affordable as enjoying a cup of coffee. This is all thanks to the combination of CKD's renowned aircraft designs with Kite Magnetics' revolutionary KM-60 electric engine.

The Dakota e-Hawk will be the first in a series of kit aircraft manufactured by CKD to be offered with the very latest all-electric powertrain technology. The Canadian side-by-side two-seat aircraft will be fitted with Kite Magnetics' KM-60 electric engine. Powered by Kite Magnetics' proprietary AeropermTM technology, the KM-60 offers unmatched power, efficiency, and reliability. When paired with a high-capacity battery, ensures over an hour of quiet, emission-free flight. Even more impressive is the simplicity of assembly and maintenance, which drastically cuts down on build time and operational costs. “With Kite Magnetics' propulsion system's incredible efficiency and CKD Aero's commitment to excellence, this partnership is poised to redefine what it means to fly, making the skies more accessible, more sustainable, and more exhilarating for everyone.,” says CKD Aero's CEO, Arun Modgil.

CKD Aero is a global leader in wooden and composite kit aircraft manufacturing with more than eleven thousand customers worldwide and currently offers nearly two dozen aircraft models for sale. Kite Magnetics is an Australian aerospace manufacturer specialising in the development of advanced electric engines specifically designed for use in electric aircraft.

Electric engines are not only quieter, safer and a quarter the weight compared to conventional piston engines, but they also significantly reduce operational costs, making each flight astonishingly

affordable at approximately $4 per charge. This is a full 75% lower than traditional fuel costs. With no need for oil, coolant, radiators, or fuel, the electric propulsion system represents a seismic shift in how we think about flying. “Imagine flying without the hassle of engine checks or the smell of leaded avgas. With CKD Aero and Kite Magnetics' electric aircraft, you get a silent, smooth ride that's gentler on your wallet and the planet,” says Kite Magnetics CEO, Dr Richard Parsons.

This collaboration is set to debut at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh later in the year, where attendees can witness the future of flight firsthand. CKD Aero and Kite Magnetics are not just presenting a new product; they are inviting the aviation community to reimagine what's possible in the skies. The message is clear: the future of general aviation is electric, and it's here now.

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