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Phoenix. The ultimate fusion of flight and freedom.
Friday, 1 March 2024

After 6 weeks of teasing glimpses of our new aircraft on social media, we are finally able to show you the ultimate beauty of the Phoenix motor glider, produced by JMB Aircraft.

The Phoenix motor glider is the best aircraft on the market for those who are searching for a reasonably priced aircraft which can serve as a cross-country capable aircraft and as a glider which will satisfy most sailplane enthusiasts. The Phoenix has a range of over 900 miles and speeds exceeding 115 knots.

The Phoenix is being produced at the JMB facilities in the Czech Republic. New Phoenix owners will have the same customer experience that they would have if they were to buy the famous JMB Aircraft VL3. JMB Designer, Francois Stelandre, has prepared a selection of exterior and interior packages, including the peak Ultimate One option. This will allow customers to create an unique design which will never be replicated in another Phoenix.

The Phoenix makes a great contribution to the JMB Aircraft family. The versatility of the aircraft means that it can serve as the perfect machine for comfortable travel or high-performance gliding with a glide ratio of 32:1.

“In order to maintain the quality of the Phoenix, the capacity of the assembly line is only 6 planes for 2024, 12 units for 2025, and 20 units in 2026.” said Jean-Marie Guisset, CEO of JMB Aircraft.

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