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Aviat Aircraft first to adopt AeroLEDs
Monday, 26 July 2010

Aviat Aircraft became the first aircraft manufacturer to switch to using long life AeroLEDs landing and taxi lights 18 months ago. As a follow-up, they have just announced their intentions to change from conventional lights to the new all-LED lights for Nav, Position and Strobe lights on the wing tips and rudders of Huskys. "AeroLEDs has completed FAA TSO testing requirements and we have added their products to our Type Certificate," said Aviat President Stu Horn. "This means that each new Husky will have aircraft lighting that should outlast the aircraft. We certainly won't see a Husky with over 50,000 hours in my lifetime and that is the life expectancy of LEDs."

Aviat Aircraft has led the industry in introducing a wide range of new products over the years. "Innovation is a key to moving forward," said Horn. "The lighting products we'll make standard on the Husky are so vastly superior to the items they're replacing that there's no contest in our thinking. I expect every aircraft manufacturer will eventually follow suit when they become aware of the benefits of LEDs."

Aviat Aircraft manufactures the Husky, Pitts Special and complete kits for the Eagle biplane. To learn more about the aircraft visit and to learn more about new LED technology for GA aircraft, visit

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