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Aviat Husky adds Power Flow tuned exhaust to type certificate
Monday, 26 July 2010

Responding to the performance enhancements confirmed by flight tests, Aviat Aircraft has begun producing 180 hp Huskys with the Power Flow Tuned Exhaust System as optional equipment. The announcement was made by Aviat President Stu Horn, who said: "The benefits to Husky owners are undeniable: lower fuel burn, improved rate of climb, shorter take-off roll, and improved cabin heat. When we saw the numbers, we realized that our customers would appreciate the improved performance." Aviat introduced the new product at EAA's AirVenture 2010.

The product has been tested extensively by Power Flow. With a tuned exhaust system in place the Husky gains 5 mph in cruise or saves 1.2 gph of fuel at the old cruise settings. Rate of climb from 1000'-4000' increases 5.6%; from 4000'-9000' it goes up 7.8% and from 9000'-11500' it accelerates to 13.4%. Service ceiling for the Husky increases by at least 2,000' and the cabin heat is significantly increased. The tuned exhaust utilizes the full rated horsepower of the Lycoming engine which also contributes to a shorter takeoff roll.

Aviat expects to add the tuned exhaust systems to the 200 hp and 160 hp models as soon as they are available. The new system for the 180 hp model is also available at Aviat as a retrofit to existing Huskys. Contact the factory for an appointment.

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