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First electric engine for GA makes market debut
Sunday, 12 July 2020
Pipistrel is offering its E-811 to other aircraft OEMs in need of a type-certified electric engine. Peak power of 77 HP makes the powerplant suitable for sailplanes, UL, LSA and VLA aircraft.

On the 10th June Pipistrel obtained type-certification for its E-811 model as the world's first electric engine certified for use in general aviation. The engine, fully certified by European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), is now also available to other aircraft designers and manufacturers globally.

The E-811 engine combines a liquid-cooled electric motor and a liquid-cooled power controller. Offering 57.6 kW (77 HP) of peak power, and 49.2 kW (66 HP) of maximum continuous power, the E-811 is promoted as the ideal powerplant for powered sailplanes, UL, LSA and VLA aircraft, where a type-certified engine is required. It may also be installed on Part 23 Level 1 aircraft and other distributed propulsion applications by applying the corresponding special conditions.

Pipistrel is now offering the E-811 not only as a part of its Velis Electro, but also separately, as a component to other aircraft designers and manufacturers. The E-811's rotation direction is not factory selected and can be easily adapted to any given application as part of the installation. It supports a wide range of propellers.

The propulsion motor is a state-of-the-art axial flux synchronous permanent magnet electric motor. Lighter and more compact, these motors are also more powerful than radial flux motors, making them ideal for their application in aviation. The engine is entirely liquid-cooled through a single cooling circuit with a mixture of 50% water and 50% glycol. The cooling system is part of the installation and can be provided by Pipistrel.

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