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Avcorp F-35 outboard wing deal extended to 2022
Tuesday, 28 July 2020
The Carrier Variant of the F-35 needs foldable wings in order to fit into the ship's hangars. Avcorp assembles the outboard section, and reckons these are some of the more complex aircraft assemblies made in Canada.

Avcorp Industries Inc. has been awarded contracts by BAE Systems for the assembly of the F-35 Carrier Variant (CV) outboard wing, worth approximately $87 million CAD. These contracts extend Avcorp's current long-term contract with BAE Systems into 2022.

The Avcorp Delta BC facility is the single source supplier for the F-35 CV-OBW assembly under contract with BAE Systems with delivery of the assemblies directly to Lockheed Martin in Ft Worth Texas. The outboard wing is the foldable portion of the wing on the carrier version of the F-35 aircraft which allows for handling and storage of the aircraft on the aircraft carrier's deck and hangers, while keeping its long-range and low-landing-speed flight characteristics. The CV-OBW is regarded as one of the more complex assemblies that the Canadian aerospace industry manufactures for the F-35 program.

"We are extremely pleased with the award of these significant contracts for our military and defense production lines" states Amandeep Kaler, Avcorp Group CEO.

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