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Airtech adds large-scale additive capability in Luxembourg
Wednesday, 18 November 2020
Airtech's first Centre of Innovation opened in Tennessee in 2019, and has now been joined by a facility in Luxembourg. Both offer Print-Tech additive manufacturing, with shorter lead times than conventional methods.

Airtech Advanced Materials Group has installed a second state-of-the-art machine for large scale 3D printing technology, operable now in its Airtech Europe facility, Luxembourg.

This is the second Centre of Innovation, the first being opened by Airtech in Tennessee in 2019 and has the same capabilities to accommodate one of the largest machines on the market, 12m x 3m (40' x 10') with integrated machining capability. With Print-Tech full-service tool manufacturing solution, Airtech can take tooling from conception to the shop floor significantly faster than any conventional methods. Print-Tech additive manufacturing deposits only the material required, resulting in less touch labour and shorter lead times. Large-scale tooling in the form of trim fixtures, holding fixtures, and layup molds can be designed, tooled, and built faster without compromising on quality.

Large scale additive manufacturing is all about machinery, materials and lot of expertise. With almost 50 years of thermoplastic extrusion expertise along with the most talented and knowledgeable staff in the industry, Airtech has developed a new series of innovative polymer composite resins. Dahltram resins are for use in large scale 3D printing that has addressed the need for lower CTE and a more robust service life when used at low or high temperatures, including use in an autoclave. These thermoplastic composite resins are designed for use in any pellet fed FDM printing system. With both room temperature and high temperature material offerings, Airtech sits poised to meet the demands of its growing markets, ready to serve its customers. "We are excited to announce the second Centre of Innovation, being now able to offer numerous additive manufacturing services and solutions, helping our European customers to reduce cost and increase productivity," says Jeff Dahlgren, President/CEO of Airtech Advanced Materials Group.

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