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Bell teams with German suppliers for 525 pitch
Thursday, 15 April 2021
Seven businesses based in Germany have been signed up as suppliers to Bell as the company promotes its 525 model for law enforcement service there. The local police are a long-standing Bell customer.

Bell Textron has signed teaming agreements with German suppliers to support Bell's industrial participation efforts in Germany. As part of the collaboration, Bell will compete for the upcoming tender for the renewal of the helicopter fleet for the Bundespolizei and will offer the Bell 525.

The industrial collaboration includes: Liebherr, GKN Aerospace, Solid Aerospace, PFW, CEROBEAR, Aircraft Philipp (a member of AMAG Group) and Kautex Textron.

These companies represent the German states of Baden Wurttemberg, Bavaria, North-Rhine Westphalia and Rhineland Palatinate. Additionally, Textron's established presence in Germany via its Kautex business offers Bell extended reach into the German market.

"Germany is an important market proving ground for rotorcraft innovation, and we are proud to offer the most advanced helicopter in its class for the Bundespolizei," says Michael Thacker, executive vice president, Innovation and Commercial Business. "By establishing a strong industrial team within Germany, we are one step closer to ensuring the best offering for the police force's mission using local expertise."

The Bell 525 is the world's first fly-by-wire commercial helicopter and was designed with law enforcement and parapublic users in mind by using the latest enhancements in safety, reliability and operational efficiency, the manufacturer says.

"Germany is modernising its infrastructure, and Bell is committed to working alongside our industrial team to contribute solutions that also yield a significant local benefit from knowledge sharing to diversifying the rotorcraft sector long-term," says Patrick Moulay, senior vice president, International Business.

Bell has had a long-standing relationship with the German Armed Forces and German Federal Police. In 1956, the German Armed Forces bought the Bell 47 and in 1963 purchased its first UH-1. The Huey has been continuously in service since then.

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Bell Helicopter Textron (Canada) Airframer
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Cerobear GmbH Bearings, Ceramic Bearings
Aircraft Philipp Group Aircraft Structural Components, Metal Structures, Precision Machined Parts, Struts, Wing Spars
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