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Aura selects certified batteries for Integral E project
Wednesday, 26 January 2022
The Integral E is a key step towards the first zero-emission training aircraft with aerobatic capabilities. Aura selected an EPS battery for such an important phase because of its maturity and installation flexibility.

Electric Power Systems (EPS) has been contracted by Aura Aero to provide the battery system for the Integral E prototype and flight demonstrator. Aura Aero is bringing to market its two-seater Part 23 Integral aircraft series with the first variant soon to be certified using a traditional combustion engine. This certified airframe will be leveraged to develop all-electric and hybrid variants known as Integral E.

"Integral E prototype is a key step towards bringing to the market the first zero-emission training aircraft with aerobatic capabilities. The prototype will enable validation of its design and operational model. We have selected an EPS battery for such an important phase because of its maturity and installation flexibility," says Mattia Padulo, chief technical officer of AURA AERO.

The Integral E prototype will incorporate EPS' EPiC battery system to power ground testing and first flight. The EPiC battery technology addresses some of the most prevalent roadblocks to electric flight including DO-311A certification, cost reduction through automated manufacturing, weight reduction with high-temperature composites, and infrastructure with a DC fast-charging mobile microgrid. The EPiC battery modules deliver lightweight packaging factor at over 200 Wh/kg while providing optimum power in a compact design making them a great fit for the Integral requirements. Electric Power Systems is breaking ground on a new automated battery assembly line to scale up high volume production in March 2022.

"When visiting the Aura Aero campus this summer, I was impressed to walk around the Integral aircraft and see how Aura Aero was using digital technology to lay out detailed wiring harness right on the screen with the digital schematic. Aura Aero has the technology and knowledge to make electric aviation possible," says Michael Duffy, vice president of product for Electric Power Systems.

Both companies' data-centric focus creates synergies and opportunities for immediate benefits to electric aviation. EPS's EPiC Ecosystem with combined charging infrastructure and data centre allows customers and operators to utilise the digital technologies and footprint to decrease operating costs and lower adoption barriers.

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