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Tecnam's trainer gains type certification
Thursday, 14 April 2022
The P-Mentor is an all in one two-seater single piston aircraft with key features: IFR; PBN, RNAV, Variable Pitch, Autopilot, Simulated Retractable Gear Control and BRS.

Tecnam has introduced a new model named P-Mentor, and achieved type certification on April 7, 2022.

Designed for student pilots from their first flight up to Instrument Rating, the P-Mentor is an all in one two-seater single piston aircraft with key features: IFR; PBN, RNAV; Variable Pitch, Autopilot, Simulated Retractable Gear Control; BRS.

For the first time ever, the company says, the fuel efficient and low-emissions Rotax 912iSc becomes the heart of a full IFR-approved aircraft, coupled with an MT constant speed propeller.

The all-new wing specially designed for the P-Mentor features a tapered planform with laminar flow airfoil and mixed structure; light alloy for spars and wing box, CFRP for the one-piece leading edge. Its design allowed the P-Mentor to pass the latest CS-23 Amendment requirements for low speed and stall characteristics without ballistic recovery system being essential part of the aircraft configuration. BRS is approved and available as an option for customers who require additional safety add-ons. Integral fuel tank is located behind the main spar and it offers 130 litre volume and more than nine hours endurance.

Flight and Training experience offers the state-of-art Garmin® G3X glass cockpit, with Garmin® GI275 as back-up instrument and multiple configurations to allow PBN/RNAV as well as GFCTM 500 autopilot training. Simulated retractable gear control for enhanced students' proficiency since their first flight is available as an option.

Besides its revolutionary avionics, the P-Mentor sports Tecnam's signature Italian style with the clean and sleek lines, interiors shaped around a large cabin, modern seats and superior visibility.

Flight training choosing Tecnam as their single and twin-engine aircraft fleet supplier are reckoned to be able to save up to 10 tons of CO2 for every graduated Commercial Pilot.

P-Mentor is the IFR approved aircraft with the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, with up to 60% of emissions reduction when compared with IFR competitors.

Tecnam's ceo, Paolo Pascale says: “When I see a new Type Certificate with this model's name, I think of my father and my uncle, prof. Luigi Pascale – the men who started this adventure. It also reminds me of all our collaborators and customers that brought us here today – our Mentors.”

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