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Jekta Switzerland unveils 19-seat seaplane design
Thursday, 10 November 2022
The 19-passenger aircraft should cover 150km at a cruising speed of 135 knots, take off in a wave height of 1.2m, with landing stall speed less than 50 knots. The batteries can be changed or recharged in 45 minutes.

Jekta Switzerland S.A. has unveiled its PHA-ZE 100, a 19-seat electric amphibious aircraft, at the Abu Dhabi Airshow 2022 and pitched the new design at sustainable transport mobility for the population of islands, coastal megacities and settlements.

PHA-ZE 100 (Passenger Hydro Aircraft Zero Emissions) is a 19-seat passenger amphibious seaplane made of composite materials. The aircraft presented at the exhibition is a high-wing layout with 10 electric motors and batteries located in the wing. The large-volume displacement body with three seats in a row makes it possible to provide passengers with comfortable conditions in flight. The aircraft can also be configured in business, passenger, cargo-passenger, and ambulance configurations. It is able to cover 150km at a cruising speed of 135 knots, take off in a wave height of 1.2m, with stall speed in the landing configuration not exceeding 50 knots. The batteries can be quickly changed or recharged within 45 minutes. The aircraft can also be retrofitted with fuel cells, once the technology becomes available.

“Investors, production partners, operators see the prospects of PHA-ZE 100 as the one to revive the economy of coastal and island states, significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and use its unique capabilities to operate in tourism sector while preserving nature in its original form. This is a further indication that we are on the right track, and is an inspiration for our team,” says George Alafinov, CEO of Jekta Switzerland S.A. “Despite that we are our company is two years old, Jekta brings together specialists from various countries with many years of experience in the design, production and operation of amphibious seaplanes. We understand that we have announced an ambitious project at the Abu Dhabi exhibition: one that requires concentration of practical knowledge, unique experience, bold investments and perseverance in achieving its non-trivial goals. Participation in Abu Dhabi 2022 gives us full confidence that our project will be successful and at one of the next exhibitions in Abu Dhabi we will show a flying model of our electric amphibian.”

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