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Eve names suppliers for windows, doors and fuselage components
Thursday, 13 June 2024
Eve's first eVTOL production facility will be located in São Paulo, Brazil, and has called on the services of domestic businesses RALLC and Alltec, as well as Germany's KRD and France's Latecoere.

Eve Air Mobility has named four additional suppliers for its electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. KRD Luftfahrttechnik GmbH will supply its KASIGLAS polycarbonate windows, Latecoere will supply the aircraft’s doors, while RALLC and Alltec will both supply fuselage components.

KRD, which is headquartered in Germany, will supply custom designed windows including the cockpit and passenger door windows. Each has been developed for extreme durability and their polycarbonate construction will not only minimize the weight of each window but provide additional protection including increased impact resistance.

Latecoere, headquartered in France, will supply the doors for Eve’s eVTOL aircraft. As a leading independent manufacturer of aircraft doors, the company has been recognized for its high standards of safety and performance. Latecoere supports multiple aircraft manufacturers, including Embraer, and provides design and development, production, certification and in-service support for all of their doors.

RALLC and Alltec, both based in Brazil, have been selected to supply various fuselage components. RALLC is a supplier that covers all stages of the manufacturing processes for structural components, providing integrated and innovative solutions for several aerospace companies including Embraer.

Alltec specializes in the development and production of components and subassemblies in high-performance composite materials for the aeronautical, defense and security markets. With nearly 30 years of experience, the company is recognized for its expertise is also a supplier to Embraer. Alltec will supply its thermoplastic composite and thermosetting composite technologies for the fuselage of the eVTOL.

“Eve has assembled a strong list of global and local suppliers with a reputation for not only delivering outstanding quality, but doing so reliably,” says Johann Bordais, CEO of Eve Air Mobility. “These long-term relationships will cover the aircraft’s entire life cycle including all prototypes, production and aftermarket service and operational support.”

Eve’s eVTOL aircraft utilizes eight dedicated propellers for vertical flight and fixed wings to fly on cruise, with no change in the position of these components during flight. The latest concept includes an electric pusher powered by dual electric motors that provide propulsion redundancy with the goal of ensuring the highest levels of performance and safety. While offering numerous advantages such as lower cost of operation, fewer parts, optimized structures, and systems, it has been developed to offer efficient thrust with low sound.

Last year, the company announced that its first eVTOL production facility will be located in the city of Taubaté, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The company has begun assembly of its first full-scale eVTOL prototype which will be followed by a test campaign. Eve’s eVTOL is scheduled to begin deliveries and enter into service in 2026.

Concurrently, Eve continues to develop a comprehensive portfolio of agnostic services and operations solutions, including Vector, a unique Urban Air Traffic Management software to optimize and scale Urban Air Mobility operations worldwide.

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Eve Air Mobility Solutions, Inc. Airframer
KRD Sicherheitstechnik GmbH Windows, Windshields
Latécoère Aircraft Doors, Aircraft Interiors, Aircraft Security Equipment, Aircraft Structural Components, Avionics Racks, Cameras (Airborne), Control Panels, Electrical Fittings, Electrical Wire & Cable, External & Taxi Aid Camera System (ETACS, Fuselage Sections, Nose Cones, Wire Harnesses
Embraer-Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A. Airframer
RALLC Usinagem e Composto Additive Manufacturing (Resin), Composite Moulding, Composite Structures, Computer-aided Engineering, Machining Services, Metal Moulding, Moulds, Paint Application, Prototyping, Testing Services, Welding
Alltec Composites Materials 3D Measurement, Composite Manufacturing Services, Composite Structures, Composite Thermoforming, Computer-aided Design, Engineering Design Services, Laboratory Testing Services, Machining Services, Moulds, Non-Destructive Testing, Paint Application, Research/Consulting Services, Subcontracted Composite Parts, Thermoplastics, Ultrasonic Testing
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