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Bell 525 Relentless


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Twin turboshaft super medium transport helicopter.

Lift typeRotary wingSearch for other aircraft programs with these properties on the Aircraft Programs directory page.
Construction typeFactory-built
Control typePiloted
Engine typeTurboshaft
ApplicationBusiness, Passenger small, Search & Rescue, Utility

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Design Design Software (2)
Materials Adhesives (1) Composites (5) Metals (1)
Components Actuation (1) Electrical Components (1) Lighting (1) Mechanical Components (3) Non-Mechanical Components (1) Structural Components (3) Valves (1)
Airframe Systems Airframe Assemblies (4) Cabin Interiors (1) Cargo Systems (1) Environmental Systems (1) Fluid Power (1) Landing Assemblies (1) Safety & Security Systems (1)
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Design / Design Software

Dassault Systemes Analysis Computer-aided Design: CATIA V6; Product Lifecycle Management: ENOVIA
Mentor Graphics Corporation Analysis | News Computer-aided Design: Capital software suite for wiring system design

Materials / Adhesives

Solvay Analysis | News Adhesives: Cure modified epoxy film adhesive

Materials / Composites

Kanfit Ltd Analysis Composite Structures: Composite structural parts & assemblies
Royal Engineered Composites, Inc. Analysis | News Subcontracted Composite Parts: Composite components for tailboom & cockpit assemblies
Solvay Analysis | News Carbon-reinforced Composites: Structural composites
Toray Advanced Composites Analysis | News Carbon-reinforced Composites: Compression molded composite parts
Toray Composite Materials America, Inc. Analysis | News Prepreg: Prepreg materials

Materials / Metals

Kanfit Ltd Analysis Metal & Alloy Fabrications: Sheet metal parts

Components / Actuation

Moog Inc. Analysis | News Electromechanical Actuators: Primary flight control actuation

Components / Electrical Components

Components / Lighting

Trakka Systems Analysis Searchlights:

Components / Mechanical Components

AMETEK Airtechnology Group Analysis Fans: Direct drive cooling fans for main gearbox, intermediate gearbox and tail rotor driveshaft
Collins Aerospace, Sensors & Integrated Systems Analysis | News Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment: Ice protection system
Essex Industries Analysis | News Control Grips: Pilot & copilot cyclic & collective grip assemblies; complete control post assemblies

Components / Non-Mechanical Components

Device Technologies Inc. Analysis Metal Grommets: Spring-Fast grommet edging

Components / Structural Components

GKN Aerospace Analysis | News Aircraft Structural Components: Airframe structure - complex machining & composites
GKN Aerospace - Alabama Analysis | News Aircraft Structural Components: Cockpit, cabin & tailboom structural parts
Triumph Aerospace Structures - Technology & Engineering Center - Arlington Analysis | News Aircraft Structural Components: Airframe structure - complex machining & composites

Components / Valves

Lee Products Ltd. Analysis Hydraulic System Valves:

Airframe Systems / Airframe Assemblies

Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing Company Analysis | News Fairings: Composite fairings for main engine cowling section
BAE Systems Platform Solutions Analysis | News Fly-by-Wire Systems: Fly-by-wire flight control computers
GKN Aerospace - Alabama Analysis | News Fuselage Sections: Composite & aluminium fuselage panels
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics OH Analysis | News Radomes: Nose radomes

Airframe Systems / Cabin Interiors

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. - LAHAV Aero-Structures Analysis | News Passenger Seating: Crashworthy passenger seats

Airframe Systems / Cargo Systems

Drallim Industries Ltd. Analysis | News Cargo Systems: HAWK 8000lb cargo hook system

Airframe Systems / Environmental Systems

Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Air Conditioning Equipment: AC-5510 environmental control system

Airframe Systems / Fluid Power

Triumph Integrated Systems - Fluid Power & Actuation - Clemmons Analysis | News Reservoirs: ; Hydraulic Pumps: Integrated hydraulic pump

Airframe Systems / Landing Assemblies

MECAER Aviation Group Analysis | News Helicopter Landing Gear: Wheeled landing gear system

Airframe Systems / Safety & Security Systems

AMETEK Ameron - Mass Systems Analysis | News Fire Fighting/Detection Systems: Fire suppression system

Avionics / Indicators and Instruments

Garmin International Analysis | News Electronic Flight Instrument Systems: G5000H integrated avionics suite; Radar/Radio Altimeters: GRA 5500 digital radar altimeter

Power Systems / Auxiliary Power

Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Auxiliary Power Units: RE100 APU

Power Systems / Electrical Power Systems

Safran Electrical & Power HQ Analysis Generating Systems: AC generator

Power Systems / Engine Components

Donaldson Company, Aerospace & Defense Analysis | News Engine Air Filters: Inlet barrier filter system
Meggitt Sensing Systems Analysis | News Engine Health Monitoring: Gearbox oil level monitoring; chip detection systems

Power Systems / Engines

GE Aircraft Engines Analysis | News Turboshaft Engines: GE CT7-2F1 engines

Power Systems / Fuel Systems

Donaldson Company, Aerospace & Defense Analysis | News Oil Filters: Transmission oil filter assemblies for main & tail rotor, intermediate & reduction gearboxes
GKN Aerospace - Alabama Analysis | News Fuel Tanks & Systems: Crashworthy fuel tanks

Production / Manufacturing Services

Production / Tooling

KUKA Aero Analysis | News Tooling: Major structure tooling
MTorres America Analysis | News Tooling: Rotor & drive tooling
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