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Gulfstream G650


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Twin turbofan business jet. Includes model G650ER (Extended Range).

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Lift typeFixed wingSearch for other aircraft programs with these properties on the Aircraft Programs directory page.
Construction typeFactory-built
Control typePiloted
Engine typeTurbofan

Supply chain

  (104 links)
Design Design Software (1)
Materials Composites (6) Non-metal Materials (1)
Components Actuation (2) Electrical Components (2) Lighting (2) Mechanical Components (2) Non-Mechanical Components (1) Structural Components (1) Switches (1) Valves (2) Windows & Glass (1)
Airframe Systems Airframe Assemblies (11) Cabin Interiors (4) Crew Seating (1) Environmental Systems (3) Fluid Power (2) Landing Assemblies (6) Safety & Security Systems (3)
Avionics Avionic Components (2) Communications (Airborne) (3) Flight and Data Management (6) Imaging and Visual Systems (2) Indicators and Instruments (3) Warning Systems (1)
Power Systems Auxiliary Power (2) Batteries & Accessories (2) Electrical Power Systems (2) Engine Components (4) Engines (1)
Production Handling Equipment (1) Measurement (1) Metal Processes (1) Surface Treatment (1) Tooling (5)
Testing Test Services (1)
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Design / Design Software

Siemens Digital Industries Software Inc. (was Siemens PLM Software) Analysis | News Computer-aided Design: FiberSIM software for design & tooling of composite empennage panels

Materials / Composites

AIM Aerospace - Quatro Composites Analysis | News Subcontracted Composite Parts: Composite products
Airborne Analysis | News Composite Sandwich Panels: Composite overhang panels for the empennage
Celanese Analysis Polymer Composites: Fortron PPS thermoplastic polymer for tail section
Daher Group Analysis Subcontracted Composite Parts: Upper part of vertical tail including antenna protectors
The Gill Corporation Analysis | News Composite Sandwich Panels: Composite sandwich panels for furniture, bulkheads and airstairs
Toray Advanced Composites Analysis Prepreg: TenCate Cetex® carbon-PPS semipreg & thermoplastic laminates for tail plane.

Materials / Non-metal Materials

Toray Advanced Composites Analysis Laminates: Cetex PEI for floor panels

Components / Actuation

Collins Aerospace, Mechanical Systems Analysis Linear Actuators: Electrically powered tailplane trim actuator
Moog Inc. Analysis Mechanical Actuators: Flap actuators & torque tube driveline connecting hydraulic drive unit

Components / Electrical Components

Crane Aerospace & Electronics Analysis | News Rectifiers: Transformer rectifier units
Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Power Solutions Analysis | News Power Transformers: ELDEC Transformer Rectifier Units (TRU)

Components / Lighting

Collins Aerospace, Interior Systems Analysis | News Aircraft Interior Lighting Systems: LED lighting package including flight deck dome & reading lights, aft compartment lights, exit signs, air stair lights; Aircraft Exterior Lighting Systems: LED lighting package including wing inspection lights, logo lights, wheel well lights, service panel lights, indicator & pylon lights
Precise Flight Inc. Analysis | News Aircraft Exterior Lighting Systems: Pulselite landing light

Components / Mechanical Components

AMETEK Aerospace & Defense Analysis | News Fans: Cooling fans
Midland Aerospace Analysis Manifolds & Ducts: Air Conditioning ECS ducting

Components / Non-Mechanical Components

Device Technologies Inc. Analysis | News Metal Grommets: Spring-Fast grommet edging system

Components / Structural Components

BAZ Airborne Components & Assemblies Analysis Aircraft Structural Components: Structural parts and assemblies for fuselage made from aluminium and steel

Components / Switches

ECE Analysis | News Mechanical Switches: LED push-button switches

Components / Valves

CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group Analysis Hydraulic System Valves: Main entry door hydraulic damper; Valves: Firewall shutoff valve
GarKenyon Aerospace & Defense Analysis Hydraulic System Valves: ; Flow Control Valves: Restrictor valves & flow regulators

Components / Windows & Glass

PPG Transparencies Analysis | News Windows: Opticor cockpit & cabin window assemblies

Airframe Systems / Airframe Assemblies

Collins Aerospace, Avionics Division Analysis | News Aircraft & Helicopter Controllers: Rudder pedals & control column
CPI Aerostructures Analysis | News Aircraft Control Surfaces: Wing leading edges (through Spirit)
Daher Analysis Aircraft Control Surfaces: Elevator
GKN - Fokker Aerostructures Analysis | News Fuselage Sections: Thermoplastic fuselage panels; Aircraft Flooring: Thermoplastic floorboards for the G650 and G650ER; Empennages: Complete tailplane and fin for G650 and G650ER; Aircraft Control Surfaces: Thermoplastic rudder for G650 and G650ER
LMI Aerospace, Inc. Analysis Wing Flaps: Aileron assemblies
NORDAM Interiors & Structures Division Analysis Fairings: Composite wing-to-body fairing; Aircraft Doors: Main landing gear doors
Parker Aerospace Control Systems Analysis | News Fly-by-Wire Systems: Fly-by-wire flight control actuation system, including primary aileron, rudder, elevator and spoiler control actuation & electronics
PCC Klune Industries Analysis Aircraft Doors: Doors & frames
RUAG Aerostructures - Aviation Analysis Winglets: Winglets, ailerons & spoilers
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Analysis | News Aircraft Control Surfaces: Aluminium alloy aileron control surfaces
Triumph Aerospace Structures - Tulsa (was Vought Aircraft) Analysis | News Wings: Fully integrated wing structure

Airframe Systems / Cabin Interiors

Enflite Inc. Analysis | News Aircraft Interior Furniture: Console tables, pedestal tables, pocket doors & monitor lifts; Galley Inserts: Convection oven & microwave
Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Inflight Entertainment: DBS satellite television system (option)
Innovative Advantage Analysis Inflight Entertainment: Audio video distribution system
RCO Aerospace Products, LLC Analysis Passenger Seating:

Airframe Systems / Crew Seating

Collins Aerospace, Interiors Analysis Crew Seating: Flight deck observer seats

Airframe Systems / Environmental Systems

G-Force Manufacturing Analysis Acoustic Insulation: Acoustic insulation blankets
Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Air Conditioning Equipment: Twin air conditioning packs
International Water-Guard Industries Inc. Analysis | News Water Purification Systems: IWG-A6 water treatment units

Airframe Systems / Fluid Power

AMETEK Aerospace & Defense Analysis | News Hydraulic Systems & Equipment: Hydraulic pressure transducers & temperature sensors
Donaldson Valencia, CA Analysis | News Hydraulic Filters: Hydraulic filter manifolds

Airframe Systems / Landing Assemblies

Collins Aerospace, Landing Gear Analysis Aircraft Landing Gear: Main & nose landing gear
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Analysis Tyres: Radial main landing gear & bias nose landing gear tyres
MECAER Aviation Group Analysis Aircraft Landing Gear: Make-to-print manufacturing of nose landing gear assembly and landing gear uplocks
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Analysis | News Aircraft Wheels: ; Carbon Brakes: ; Anti-Skid Brakes & Systems:
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Corporation Analysis | News Brake-by-Wire Systems: Autobrake system
Ultra Electronics Controls Division Analysis Landing Gear Controls: Landing gear control unit

Airframe Systems / Safety & Security Systems

Collins Aerospace, Sensors & Integrated Systems (Kidde) Analysis Fire Fighting/Detection Systems: Engine fire detection system
Securaplane Technologies, Inc. Analysis | News Aircraft Security Equipment: HD security cameras, and 500 Security system; camera video monitoring system (option)
VisionSafe Corporation Analysis | News Safety Equipment: Emergency vision assurance system (EVAS)

Avionics / Avionic Components

AMETEK Aerospace & Defense Analysis | News Accelerometers: Flight data system accelerometers
ECE Analysis | News Control Panels: Cockpit components & integrated control panel

Avionics / Communications (Airborne)

Gogo Business Aviation Analysis | News Airborne Communication Systems: Axxess II high-speed wireless internet
Inmarsat Ltd Analysis | News Airborne Communication Systems: Jet ConneX inflight broadband service (optional)
ViaSat Inc. Analysis | News Airborne Communication Systems: Option: ViaSat Yonder high-speed in-flight internet service

Avionics / Flight and Data Management

Avionica, Inc. Analysis Data Acquisition Systems: avRDC data concentrator
GE Aviation Systems Analysis | News Health & Usage Monitoring: Integrated vehicle health management system
Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Avionics Management Systems: Primary & multifunction displays; guidance panel; standby multifunction controller; Avionics Management Systems: Gulfstream PlaneView II avionics system is based on Honeywell Primus Epic, includes Gulfstream EVS II (G650)
Thales Avionics (Canada) Analysis | News Automatic Flight Control Systems: Fly-by-wire flight control systems
Thales Avionics S.A. Analysis | News Automatic Flight Control Systems: Fly-by-wire system
Universal Avionics Systems Corporation Analysis | News Flight Recorders: Cockpit voice recorder with recorder independent power supply; flight data recorders

Avionics / Imaging and Visual Systems

Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Weather Mapping Radar: LSZ-860 lightning sensor (option); Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS): Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD)
Honeywell Aerospace, Electronic Systems Analysis Weather Mapping Radar: IntuVue advanced weather radar

Avionics / Indicators and Instruments

Collins Aerospace, Avionics Division Analysis | News Head-Up Displays: HGS-6250 head-up guidance system
Collins Aerospace, Sensors & Integrated Systems Analysis Air Data Computers: SmartProbe air data sensor system
Rosen Aviation LLC Analysis LCD Displays: 26" bulkhead and 32" credenza with lift; 10.1" galley touchscreen controllers; 12.1" personal display

Avionics / Warning Systems

ACSS, an L3Harris and Thales Company Analysis Collision Avoidance Systems/TCAS: TCAS 3000SP

Power Systems / Auxiliary Power

Collins Aerospace, Air Management Systems Analysis Auxiliary Power Units: Ram air turbine
Honeywell Aerospace Analysis | News Auxiliary Power Units: RE220 APU

Power Systems / Batteries & Accessories

Saft Analysis | News Nickel-Cadmium Batteries: Ultra low maintenance batteries
Securaplane Technologies, Inc. Analysis | News Lithium Batteries: Lithium-ion battery system

Power Systems / Electrical Power Systems

Collins Aerospace, Electric Systems Analysis Generating Systems: Primary electrical power generating system; Power Distribution Equipment: Power distribution boxes
GE Aviation Electrical Power (Dayton) Analysis | News Power Distribution Equipment: Secondary power distribution system

Power Systems / Engine Components

FACC AG Analysis Engine Parts: Outer bypass ducts on BR725 engine
Mecachrome Canada Analysis Engine Parts: Latch beams for engine nacelles
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Analysis | News Nacelles: ; Thrust Reversers:
Triumph Integrated Systems - Electronics & Control - West Hartford Analysis Full Authority Digital Controls: FADEC system, including electronic engine control, fuel metering unit, fuel pump & engine actuation

Power Systems / Engines

Rolls-Royce Deutschland Analysis | News Turbofan Engines: BR725 A1-12 engines (G650)

Production / Handling Equipment

Nova-Tech Engineering Analysis Load Positioning Systems: Wing transportation manually guided vehicle

Production / Measurement

Nova-Tech Engineering Analysis Mechanical Alignment Equipment: Wing alignment system

Production / Metal Processes

KVE Composites Group Analysis Welding: Induction welding technology for tail section composites

Production / Surface Treatment

MPC Industrial Products, Inc. Analysis Metal Finishing/Polishing: High gloss polished finish for flat sheet & formed parts

Production / Tooling

Ascent Aerospace North America Analysis Jigs & Fixtures: Horizontal stabilizer assembly fixtures
Dutch-Shape BV Analysis Tooling: Complete tooling for composite tail
FiXar Analysis Jigs & Fixtures: Transport fixture for tail plane
Nova-Tech Engineering, LLC Analysis Jigs & Fixtures: Wing assembly fixtures; wing assembly jig platforms (for Spirit)
Paragon D & E Analysis Tooling:

Testing / Test Services

VZLU - Czech Aerospace Research Centre Analysis | News Testing Services: Static and fatigue testing of rudder
Information on this page is compiled from a variety of published sources, and links do not necessarily imply recommendation or confirmation by the airframe manufacturer.