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Ilyushin IL-114 | Airframer | Ilyushin Aviation Complex

20/01/2021Press Release:
Assembly of the updated airframe of the second prototype of the Il-114-300 regional turboprop passenger aircraft. (Photo: Ilyushin)
UAC specialists began docking the wing and tail of the updated Il-114-300 airframe
19/01/2021Press Release:
Test flight of the Il-114-300 regional turboprop passenger aircraft. (Photo: Ilyushin)
The IL-114-300 flight test program continues
The new variant, Il-114-300 regional passenger turboprop aircraft during its maiden flight.

Il-114-300 regional airliner makes first flight

Only 20 of the original Il-114 were built, but the project has been rejuvenated with an updated variant, the Il-114-300. This will carry 68 passengers over a range of 2,000 km.

30/12/2019Press Release:
Ilyushin presented a unique livery for the first prototype IL-114-300
18/12/2019Press Release:
Aviastar-SP JSC manufactured the first fuselage panels for the new Russian Il-114-300 aircraft

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