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Skydweller Solar Impulse 2 (SI2) | Airframer | Solar Impulse SA

16/09/2019Press Release:
Skydweller has acquired Solar Impulse 2 from Solar Impulse.
Skydweller, a US-Spanish aerospace company, and Solar Impulse have signed an agreement for Skydweller to acquire the SI-2 aircraft
11/11/2016Press Release:
Solar Impulse Foundation launches the "World Alliance for Clean Technologies"
11/06/2016Press Release:
Solar Impulse 2 lands in New York completing the crossing of the United States
03/07/2015Press Release:
Record-breaking solar flight reaches Hawaii after 5 nights and days airborne without fuel.
09/03/2015Press Release:
Solar Impulse 2 starts first global flight

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