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Lilium Lilium Jet

Honeywell’s Anthem has already been selected by Vertical Aerospace and Lilium for their vertical takeoff and landing, all-electric aircraft, the VA-X4 and seven-seat Lilium Jet.

Honeywell unveils Anthem always-on cloud-connected cockpit system

Anthem supports growing levels of aircraft autonomy, leading to complete autonomous capabilities in the future as regulations allow. Honeywell says that flight plans can be uploaded without being near the aircraft.

28/07/2021Press Release:Lilium partners with CUSTOMCELLS to produce high-performance silicon-anode batteries for the 7-seater Lilium Jet
Honeywell will develop the 7-Seater Lilium Jet’s avionics and flight control systems.

Honeywell's dedicated UAM team steps aboard Lilium Jet

Avionics and flight control computers from Honeywell will be a key element for the Lilium Jet's electronic architecture, choreographing 36 surfaces while providing simple controls for a single pilot.

30/03/2021Press Release:Lilium announces intention to list on Nasdaq through a merger with Qell Acquisition Corp., and reveals development of its 7-Seater electric vertical take-off and landing jet
23/02/2021Press Release:Agreement with Lilium to supply the fuselage and wings of its electric air taxi

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