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Urban Aeronautics City Hawk

Urban Aeronautics says the CityHawk's compact size and wingless exterior will allow for safe EMS trips in dense urban environments.

Urban and Universal collaborate to enhance CityHawk safety

A partnership between Urban Aeronautics and Universal Avionics aims to offer improved weather and traffic handling, and enhanced landing and ground movement by helping the CityHawk navigate city infrastructures.

14/09/2021Press Release:
CityHawk  is a wingless, hydrogen-fueled urban aircraft for five passengers. (Photo: Urban Aeronautics)
Urban Aeronautics secures $10 million advance for CityHawk, the world's first wingless, compact eVTOL
19/08/2020Press Release:
Hatzolah Air will help Urban Aeronautics develop, produce and market its CityHawk aircraft for emergency medical service (EMS) applications. (Photo: Urban Aeronautics)
Urban Aeronautics signs agreement with Hatzolah Air to develop its CityHawk VTOL aircraft for EMS Applications
11/06/2020Press Release:
HyPoint will explore the development of hydrogen fuel cell stack technology for Urban Aeronautics’ CityHawk eVTOL. (Photo: Urban Aeronautics)
Urban Aeronautics signs agreement with HyPoint to advance the incorporation of hydrogen power in its CityHawk eVTOL design
20/03/2020Press Release:
Hydrogen-powered electric air taxi developer Urban Aeronautics, partners with urban air mobility service Ascent to advance its market entry

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