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Heart ES-19

The ES-19 sub-scale model successfully completed a test flight of four and a half minutes.

Sub-scale Heart ES-19 proves stable in flight

This sub-scale demonstrator was supported by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova, as a part of the research project "Elise - Electric Aviation in Sweden". The full-scale aircraft should fly in 2024.

The first ES-19 is scheduled to enter into service by 2026.

Heart selects Garmin's G3000 for the ES-19

Specifically tailored for electric aircraft, the G3000 system that will be featured in Heart Aerospace's ES-19 delivers enhanced capabilities to optimize the aircraft's electric drive train and battery management systems.

Aernova will partner with Heart Aerospace to design the wing, fuselage and empennage of the nineteen passenger, ES-19 electric aircraft.

Heart selects Aernnova to help design ES-19 structure

The 19-passenger ES-19 has an aluminium airframe with retractable landing gear, a high wing, a T-shaped empennage and a non-cylindrical fuselage to optimise the cabin interior. It is Heart Aerospace's first aircraft.

The ES-19 is a nineteen-passenger regional aircraft driven by batteries and electric motors.

Latecoere designs doors for Heart's electric regional

Latecoere teams will work at its headquarters in Toulouse as well as at Heart Aerospace's site in Gothenburg, Sweden, in an 18-month design and engineering process to create doors for the ES-19.

Heart anticipates delivering the first ES-19 for commercial use by 2026.

Order for ES-19 electric airliners boosts Heart

Two major airlines have backed Heart Aerospace's proposed 19-seater electric aircraft with large orders. They will replace some of the 1,500 aircraft in this category retired in the past 30 years through economics.

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