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Otto Celera 500L

15/06/2022Press Release:
ZeroAvia & Otto Aviation partner to deliver first new airframe design with hydrogen-electric engine option
17/11/2021Press Release:
The Celera 500L completed its most recent flight using sustainable fuel. (Photo: Otto Aviation)
Otto Aviation's Celera 500L achieves a total of 55 successful test flights
08/12/2020Press Release:
The Celera 500L, a flight-tested full-scale prototype aircraft. (Photo: Otto Aviation)
Otto Aviation targets 2027 for delivery of zero emissions aircraft
02/12/2020Press Release:
Otto Aviation has selected ESTECO’s VOLTA platform for design optimisation of the Celera 500L. (Photos: Otto Aviation)
Otto Aviation selects VOLTA as its collaborative MDO framework
A full-size prototype of the Celera 500L has been performing well.

Otto harnesses laminar flow design for fuel efficiency

The Celera 500L is expected to fly six passengers in a stand-up cabin at 450 miles per hour over 4,500 miles, at under 25 miles per gallon. It is also expected to glide 125 miles from 30,000 feet.