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Natilus N3.8T

The first N3.8T aircraft is under production and is scheduled to fly in 2024.

Natilus selects PT6A to power autonomous freighters

Natilus' futuristic cargo transporters will be powered by proven engines from Pratt & Whitney, following the selection of the PT6A-67D for the task. Production of a prototype is under way.

There is a generous 8,000 foot runway for testing.

Natilus takes autonomous freighter construction to Brown Field

Building of the first Natilus aircraft will take place at Brown Field, with additional wind tunnel testing in early May. There is a 2,000 square-foot hangar for prototype final assembly.

Collins will provide specialised cargo loading systems for the Natilus family of autonomous freight aircraft.

Cargo UAV makes progress towards 2023 flight target

The Natilus 3.8T has undergone initial wind tunnel testing, and the vertical tail has entered production. Collins have climbed aboard to develop the cargo UAV's payload handling systems.

The Natilus N3.8T next-generation freight aircraft promises to deliver substantial economies and reduction in emissions.

Natilus blended wing freighter secures first order

The Natilus N3.8T offers an estimated 60% more cargo volume than traditional aircraft of the same weight while reducing costs and carbon dioxide per pound by 50%. It is expected to begin deliveries in 2025.