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Bombardier Challenger 300 series

25/08/2023Press Release:
AIDC made the 1000th delivery of rear fuselage section of Bombardier Challenger
21/05/2023Press Release:
Bombardier achieves important milestones on EcoJet research project, continues industry-defining work toward sustainable aviation
05/05/2023Press Release:
Bombardier launches Iridium Certus connectivity service as baseline feature on Challenger 3500 aircraft
21/01/2022Press Release:
FACC is now also responsible for the development and production of portions of the cabin interior of the new Challenger 3500. (Photo: Bombardier Inc.)
FACC develops state-of-the-art business jet cabin for Bombardier Challenger 3500
The AutoPower automatic throttle system will be standard on the Bombardier Challenger 3500 aircraft.

Bombardier keeps faith with Safe Flight auto throttle

Safe Flight's AutoPower automatic throttle system extends the capability of the Challenger 3500's flight guidance and automatic flight control systems.

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