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Kazan Ansat

A section of the Ansat helicopter fuselage with an additional fuel tank installed inside the passenger cabin was dropped from a height of 15.2 metres.

Fifteen metre drop proves Ansat tanks robust

Previous certification tests of accident-resistant helicopter fuel tanks have always taken place abroad, but now Kazan Helicopters has developed a domestic capability. The Ansat is the first model to benefit.

02/04/2021Press Release:
The Ansat helicopter with optional winch. (Photo: Kazan Helicopter Plant)
The Ansat helicopter is equipped with a winch with a lifting capacity of up to 270 kg
29/01/2021Press Release:
The VK-650V engine is planned to be installed on light helicopters such as the Ka-226T and Ansat-U. (Photo: Rostec)
Rostec has started testing the first Russian engine for light helicopters
29/01/2021Press Release:
The Mku30 satellite communication system is approved for installation on the Ansat helicopter. (Photo: Kazan Helicopters)
Rostec equips Ansat with Wi-Fi and satellite internet
30/12/2020Press Release:
New "Ansat-M" with increased flight range for the first time took to the air

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