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P-X and C-X test aircraft rolled out
Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced today that it has rolled out the #1 test P-X fixed-wing maritime patrol aircraft and C-X transport aircraft at its Gifu Works.

The Ministry of Defense began concurrent development of the P-X and C-X in 2001 to replace the current P-3C and C-1 models. In November 2001, Kawasaki earned prime contractor status to develop these airplanes with aircraft manufacturers and other participating companies. Notably the two aircraft under development will have partially identical body structures and systems.

The P-X employs the world's first fly-by-light (FBL) system with high electromagnetic interference tolerance as well as new acoustic and radar systems with enhanced detection capabilities. It is also equipped with new engines developed with homegrown technologies. The C-X, powered by GE engines, employs a newly developed flight control system and an enhanced labor-saving loading/unloading system. Both aircraft have a greater flight range capability and superior maximum cruise speed than their predecessors.

Kawasaki will conduct ground testing for the P-X and C-X at the Gifu Works prior to their first flight. Both aircraft are scheduled for delivery to the Ministry of Defense by the end of 2008 following in-house flight testing.

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